A New Direction for PSS

This blog has taken many forms. First, it was a purely curative effort–a simple collection of things found on the web that I wanted but could not have. Then, it evolved into fashion & personal style. Eventually, I began incorporating another of my favorite topics (beauty) into the mix.

But, friends, today I am ready to embark on a new adventure for Pretty Shiny Sparkly: Norwegian men’s fashion.

Norwegian mens’ fashion is huge–simply a phenomenon unto itself. With the more than 2 million Norwegian men that inhabit this earth, it’s also not just a small niche.

So it is with delight and pride that I embark on this new journey for PSS, starting with its very first Norwegian mens’ fashion outfit post.

Starring none other than my Norwegian father. Wearing a bunad (read: traditional Norwegian garb specific to the region of Norway where the man or woman is from). This is what he will be wearing to my wedding in May!

Let’s give a hand to my father for starring in his very first outfit post!



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    Hahaha Even though your father looks great in his formal outfit, I’m sure it’s just a joke! So Happy April Fool’s day to you too!

    P.S. It was the name of the photos (while hovering over them) that gave it away for me, even before I read the post!. hehe ;)

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    HAHAHAHHA that was so great Kristina. Happy April Fools! You got me–i didn’t see the “APRIL FOOLS” spelled out at first :)

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    Love this post! I can’t wait to wear my bunad on 17th of May! :) The last couple of years more and more Norwegian men have started to wear the traditional bunad, which most girls find quite sexy! Where is your dads bunad from? Is he wearing the right pants? Most of the ones I know have shorter pants (knee length)? :)

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    You had me there!! I seriously was going, interesting turn but ok?? Can’t wait to see your papa on the big day though!!!


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