Amber Lights

Top, dragon ring, & necklace c/o Modcloth | Gap trouser jeans | Fossil sunglasses | American Apparel clutch | Christian Siriano for Payless shoes (c/o) | Jewelry: DY, Shashi, Michael Kors, vintage Monet

Sometimes you just can’t mess with a good thing (or are too lazy to, take your pick). This time, it’s with a pajama-style boyfriend striped shirt, a mess of a necklace, and python wedge sandals. Red lipstick (Maybelline “Red Revolution”) and red nails (Essie “Forever Yummy”) perked me up a bit after another exhausting call (hello, 2 hours of sleep in 26 hours at the hospital). July 1st, you cannot come quickly enough!

This Friday is going to be particularly exciting, because HB is graduating from medical school! I’m fortunate enough to get the whole weekend off, plus Memorial Day, which means I get some much needed R&R and quality time with the boyfriend. Yay!

Hope you enjoy this second round of post-call air-dried hair.


  1. says

    Hi, I love ur blog.. I have a question though.. I'm a dentist and it amazes me how you can wear all this jewellery and accessories to work!! is it comfortable? or do you change there?

  2. says

    im amazed you look this cute after those long shifts! love all of the necklaces. i start my surgery rotation this july, yikes!

  3. says

    I love how you make a casual outfit become fashionable. It is so inspirational. I usually match the outfit like you. I admire your jewelry a lot. They are so beautiful. I love the your nude handbag. It is fashionable and convenient. Simple fashion is also my pice of cake.

    P/S : The red lipstick look great on you. It is rare.

  4. says

    You don't look like you've only had 2 hours of sleep in over 2 days at all– you look fresh and lovely, as always ;)

    Enjoy your long weekend! xx

  5. says

    So I just found you tonight and I am so glad! Can I just say that it is soooo refreshing to see such a beautiful stylish blogger who is also real. I am super short and so I always have trouble with my legs looking stubby, which I hate. I love what you said about being fashionable even without skinny calves. Truly an inspiration! I will be coming back again for more. Thanks.

  6. Emerald says

    A bright red lipstick, it compliments your look. I recognized you love bright red colors – talking about the nails and the lips. :D

  7. Cheralyn Mae says

    I just discovered your site today – thanks to the wonderful Pioneer Woman! Your site stood out in her list of “Great Sites”….An hour later I am still browsing your site, and even got teary over your proposal blog! Congrats! So, my first question is, being pre-med, washing your hands a million times a day – how do you get your manicured to last?? I can’t imagine you have time to change your polish daily, even though you have a self proclaimed love/addiction to nail polish remover! I think you’ve inspired me to go paint my nails with my new Essie color “brooch the subject”!


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