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It’s nothing special, but our little 2-bedroom apartment has been our home for half a year now. One day { several } months ago I had the urge to try my hand at interior photography. The trick, I realized, is to use a tripod, a a narrow aperture (so everything is in focus) and a long shutter time. Of course, the floor-to-ceiling windows in every room of our high-rise apartment made it pretty darn easy to photograph. The result? Our home looks prettier in pictures than it does in real life. Not sure that [houston]’s okay with that, but I am. I like a home that is lived-in but tidy. Still working on the tidy part.

P.S. – Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister Michelle!!!


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    Pffft! Your apartment is way more put together than my house that I bought a year ago. I'm so bad at decorating, no matter how many magazines I buy and blogs that I look at.

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      Thanks Gabby – and no problem! Also, remember to adjust the white balance on your camera (if you have a digital SLR there should be a white balance mode for "Custom" –mine is marked K for some reason) and take a picture of something white to calibrate it with!

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    Ok… now I have desk envy! What a great (and I would imagine, inspiring) workspace. My Mac is at the end of a dining room table – not ideal. Your apartment looks fresh and gorgeous – love it! xx

  3. Lynn Z. says

    Thanks for sharing! It's so refreshing and inviting to see where you crank out this awesome blog – and it gives us the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level.

    If I didn't already know you and HB were med students, I would *totally* be able to tell by the clogs! Now if only they came in designer colors and patterns…


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    I like the way you styled your apartment, very clean and organized yet girly :) I am in the midst of redecorating my office and I am using lots of pinks and whites!

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    Your home is so pretty and classy!!! The kitchen is gorgeous and the floor to ceiling windows are such a nice feature. Thanks for the tips on how to photograph interior spaces. I still have yet to master my DSLR camera and it tends to blur out parts of my photos when I shoot in the automatic setting.

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    Hi Krisina–like your home. It's very neutral like mine. Mine is in creams and grays. (probably why I having so much trouble with the color blocking thing!).

    Just a couple of technical things you may not be aware of.

    When I came from Facebook, that popup thing that wants you to sign-up, was clear and I couldn't get it to shut off. So I just went to your main URL and it then it came in properly. Not sure why?

    Also, I think you should read this article:… Your posts are getting stacked like the article indicates (at least it did in my feed today. Just wanted you to know. The Chief Blonde

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    Ah! So adorable!! I'm envious of all your natural light!

    And that color organized bookshelf…a girl after my own heart!

    Happy Birthday Michelle!

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    What a beautiful home you have, K! I love to see little sneak peeks into my favorite bloggers' homes. It's so cool to see how someone's personal style is translated into their living space.

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    Okay, so I have to ask… the framed fashion sketches – did you draw those? They are quite stunning – I love pencil sketches with color accents.

    You know what's funny/ironic? I'm an interior designer, yet I've never taken the time to do anything special to my own house… hmmm…

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    Lovely! And I have that same Pier 1 metal wall hanging that I see in the mirror in the last shot! It's not on a wall in my house now, but I'm thinking of dragging it back out again now…


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