At Home: Sleeping Spaces

Continuing the mini house tour (see the living spaces here), sleeping quarters are a very big particular with me. It must be soothing, calm, blank. No cable TV (sorry, [houston]). I found the linen duvet at Target and mismatched it with Shabby Chic pink ruffled bedding–clearly I thought it was a compromise between feminine & masculine. The look on [houston]’s face made me think otherwise.  You may recognize the above mirror from my little DIY project.

The goblet I purchased from a thrift store – it’s this wonderfully tarnished silver with almost pink patches to it, it’s so old and abandoned. I love it. Plus, it serves a function–it holds assorted rings and one of my favorite pendant necklaces.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! [houston] and I are going to check out a band for the reception tomorrow, and shooting my outfits, of course, for the following week!


  1. says

    Your bedroom is absolutely the cutest! It definitely seems like an incredibly relaxing space and a place of calm. Btw just discovered PSS and I am in loooove! So many inspiring posts and fabulous eye candy, I am excited to be your newest reader. Happy weekend!


  2. says

    i love, love! i'm moving into a new apt in Sept and you're getting me excited to decorate. i'm hoping my boyfriend won't mind too many feminine touches ;)

    i especially love the window pic with your blinds open. such a great shot.

  3. says

    such a relaxing space! i love all the white, it's so clean & fresh looking, especially while juxtaposed against the black bed frame. Your bedroom is all sorts of lovely!

  4. Becky Lee says

    Kristina- Can I ask where you purchased the lamp on your bedside table? I have been looking for one just as simple and lovely for my bedroom. Thanks!

  5. says

    I'm new to your blog & have to say that I love it. If I can get my swollen wisdom teeth-less face to calm down, I may join the arm party! But,I have recently discovered that I love clean and simple for my bedroom space, too. Unfortunately, I'm going back to dorm living soon, and therefore it will be hard to keep uncluttered.


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