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A few years ago, animal prints jumped out of their Lisa Frank-residing-pages and onto the fashion plates of the world. Today, the story hasn’t changed. Animal prints continue to positively rock the fashion world every season, be it New York, Paris, London, Milan, or beyond. Today, people are even going as far as to claim leopard print a neutral (I subscribe to that camp).

Would animal prints be as big as they are today without the power of fashion bloggers who rock it in the real world? Let’s find out, shall we? It’s time for another Bloggers Do It Better™!

You Know What To Do

Your mission: sport animal prints. Notice I said prints. Have fun with it. Mix it up by wearing more than one. See the above photo–snakeskin printed clutch with graphic mumblemumble* printed sweater? Genius.

Come back and post your look’s link on PSS on Wednesday, October 5th (that’s one week from today!)

* Apparently I need to brush up on my animal prints. What the heck is that thing? Whatever it is, I love it.

My Brushes With Animal Danger

Leopard_and_maroon_tights11sm Leopard_and_Lace05sm Leopard1_5sm kristinhassandress1sm

Photos in collages by Tommy Ton, all others by yours truly.

Please don’t be shy! Tweet, like, or stumble this challenge to get the rest of your friends involved! The more the merrier. And don’t forget you’ll need the badge in your sidebar to participate (you can get it here).


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  • Vidhya

    love you for that faux is your fried addition.. i have been posting a lot on cruelty free fashion lately.. glad to see one more person advocating faux :)

    • songbird

      i felt exactly that about the faux comment

  • Andrea Howe


  • Valerie

    Great Idea!!!! I love animal prints. Not matter if it´s shoes, hats, pants…. Next time if I wear a outfit in animal print I will show you!!! But I hope I will get more inspiration here ;)


  • Julie Khuu

    Whoohooooo! Another challenge…been waiting to see what you’ve got up those sleeves and lo’ and behold…it’s spots!…and scales!…and stripes oh my!! Dude seriously can’t wait for this one! Good call K!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • jenn~the stylish housewife

    YAY! i was just thinking to myself…it’s been a while since the last BDIB challenge!!! i can’t wait!!!

    • Shante

      me too. I’ve been wanting to participate and now I finely have things in my closet that will allow me to participate!

  • Neris

    i’m really lookking forward to this one ;)


    Fashion Fractions

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  • Shelley@Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    I think the mumblemumble is fred flint stone tiger…?

    • Kristina

      I think you are so right, Shelley!!! THANK YOU for clearing that up for my troubled mind.

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  • Tanja

    WOW!I don’t really have much of animal prints but I’m going to shoot an outfit!xx

  • Tanvi

    Looking forward ….

    ♡ from ©

  • April

    Yay for animal prints! Great challange, Kristina!

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  • Julia @Lemons and Loafers

    Yay! I’m not usually big on animal prints but this has gotten me to think about how to rock them in my own way.

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  • elle @ ellemck1

    Yay!! I was hoping we’d get a new one soon! And I love animal prints! This is gonna be fun. :)

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  • Bee

    yayyy- would be fun!!! Im following you here and on twitter too :)
    do check out my blog as well!!

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  • Haute Muslimah

    YES! I’ve been waiting for the next challenge.. can’t wait!

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  • Ashley

    Love the animal prints!!

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  • Stephanie

    This is going to be soooo fun! This is my first BDIB challenge and I’m stoked! I am no stranger to animal print and I do have to say, it will say on my grave “This girl was half zebra as that’s all she seemed to wear”. haha. Anyway, I’m going to start working on my post for this soon! Thanks for such a fun challenge!

    P.S.- Thank you for the “faux is your friend” mention; I am a true believer in that and it is something I’m passionate about, so thank you. :)

    • Kristina

      Welcome Stephanie! So glad to hear you are joining. In case you need to read the instructions on requirements for participating (grabbing the badge for your sidebar, linking within the post to the challenge, etc) it’s all right here for ya:

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  • Kendra @ Closet Confections

    Awesome! I was on a leopard kick earlier this year, and now it’s all about the snakeskin. Can’t wait to participate!

  • Candyce Nicole

    I’m so excited! My first “Bloggers Do It Better” challenge…can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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  • Danielle Grigsby

    When? When? When?

  • Danielle Grigsby

    ok got it.

  • cynthia

    I love the animal prints. I just purchased a snake print blouse from chico’s . It’s sheer and the light shining through it just makes it all that much prettier. On the hunt for a similar purse you posted at top.

  • Belinda

    Oooohhh…count me in on these looks! Love animal prints, and have for YEARS! :-)

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  • Ivie Ero (@CasualCORPORATE)

    Yay! I finally get to do one of these and such a coincidence that my latest post IS animal skin :)

    My So-Called Corporate Life

  • Jazmine Jade

    Ohhh this might be my favorite one yet!!!

  • 7eventh Letter

    I’m so glad you posted another challenge. I FINALLY get to participate in one. I have been on your blog like a stalker in hopes of you posting a new BDIB Challenge!!! I’m ready this time. ***SO EXCITED***

    7eventh Letter

  • Tricia

    This is my first BDIB challenge and it is the perfect one to start with. I just knew it didn’t buy those snakeskin (faux of course) heels for nothing!!

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  • Timeka

    I will be joining in!!!! I have never participated in a challenge…Lets see what happens!

  • Tiffany

    I can’t wait. Taking my pics today :))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Frugal Big Girl

    My first challenge, and I’m super excited! Can’t wait to see how all the other ladies pair their animal prints!!

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  • Timeka

    I am participating in the BDIB challenge called Animal Instincts. I just want to be sure on how I am to link the post. I do have the button in my sidebar. Is there anything else I need to do?

    • Kristina

      Timeka – when the BDIB link up post goes live on Wednesday you will be able to link up your post within the widget of the post. :)

  • Jean of all Trades

    I’m really looking forward to this challenge! I love animals prints (and faux fur). I second (or third) the compassionate fashion sentiments. Can’t wait to see everyone’s unique animal print outfits.

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  • Vivi

    I’m in there like tupperware!

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  • Fashnlvr

    I am so glad I will be able to participate in this challenge! Can’t wait to link my post!
    Thanks Kristina!!

  • Raquel

    I just discover your blog and I’m so exited to participate on the challenges :)

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  • Bree

    Animal prints will be around forever!

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