BDIB: Sequins Link Up

bloggers do the sequin trend better
Ready? Set? Go! If you’re wondering what this is, please see this post. Please follow the instructions below to the letter to ensure your submission is not invalidated (then you would lose your spot in the link-up, which nobody wants)!!
*Note: if you don’t see the linkup immediately below, you may need to hit refresh until it shows up. Sorry!!

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    Hi Kristina!

    My friend turned me on to your blog a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed reading it. This is my first BDIB challenge, so I’m excited! :)

    The stock WordPress template I use doesn’t have a sidebar, but it has two footer areas where all the normal “sidebar” stuff is. That’s where I put the Bloggers Do It Better badge. Is that okay?

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    Loving all the ladies with their sequins sparkles ;) I have an outfit all set but am stuck at work. Hopefully it won’t be too late to post it tonight! Loving this series of Bloggers Do it Better ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful 2012 my dear!

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    Hi Kristina! My blog is pretty new and it doesn’t have a seperate link to my Bloggers Do It Better post….so its telling me that my url isn’t a direct link…but it is! Is there anything I can do to make it link up? PS its my first BDIB and I have been soo excited to do it!

    • says

      This is really weird. Your blog isn’t really a “blog”, it’s a website. It’s not built using a CMS like Blogger or WordPress, so it’s not making posts (which would make you permalinks). Unfortunately it just won’t work with your website, since it’s not technically a blog. You can always set one up for free on blogger or but until then BDIB won’t work for you (and if you’re interested in blogging, I’d highly recommend you use a blogging platform, since you’ll then be able to take advantage of all the powerful features like RSS feeds, subscribers, followers, commenting, etc).


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