Beauty When You’re Ill


Having recently been plagued with a cold, I started reaching for beauty products that would make me look–and by osmosis feel–more alive, refreshed, and healthy. When I’m sick my skin is a bipolar mix, sometimes super dry and sometimes super oily. Either way, I cleanse my skin thoroughly when I’m sick (and I wash all of my makeup brushes thoroughly). These are the items I reach for which I find help bring back radiance to the face.

After a good moisturizer, I love reaching for YSL’s Youth Liberator Serum foundation because it’s lightweight, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, but gives a fair amount of coverage and ultimately makes the skin look radiant and ever so slightly dewy. I apply with a flat topped kabuki brush.

Sick day skin is all about the face so I am sure to use my heavy duty under eye concealer (a well-loved pot of Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque). Then I apply a highlighting concealer pen over that as well as the high points of my face. After that, the rest of the face is kept simple with a soft blush, and neutral glossy lip (this one is Blush Essence). I also recommend redness removing eye drops (I personally love Rohto drops but for those who find them too strong, the Clear Eyes cooling ones are similar but less stinging).


  1. Flairby Brandi says

    I am minimal on the makeup when I’m under the weather, but definitely reach for the concealer and mascara! My eyes are always what show signs I don’t feel good! Love your posts (and all your videos of course)!! I made my husband watch the “My husband does my makeup”! He totally cracked up and I was in tears laughing again! He said “We need to try this”! Haha! We shall see about that!!

  2. Jessica Whitbread says

    Great post! Might need to use some of your tips as I think I’m coming down with something :(

  3. says

    This post definitely speaks to me! I was sick all last week. I made it out to Trader Joe’s yesterday and used BB cream, some cream blush, cream eye shadow and pretty mascara. I think it help makes you feel better. Now I need to get out of the sweats :)

  4. says

    Love your picks for items that make you look better when you feel bad! I’m gonna get those eye drops, my eyes are red most of the time. Always been red, just my thing I guess! Going to your Luv page to check your picks out!

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