Birthday “Haul”

I cringe at the word “Haul” as it pertains to birthdays, but seeing as this was very highly requested – I decided to put this video up. Please note that this video in no way is meant to brag or show off by any means. I’m a fully grown woman who believes that giving presents is more fun than receiving them – but by the same vein, I also love seeing what other people get for their special day. It seems you do, too! So please take this for the fun and lightheartedness that is its intent, and I hope you enjoy watching me show you what wonderful, thoughtful gifts I received for my (milestone) birthday!

Leave me a comment telling me what’s on YOUR birthday wishlist – and when your bday is! You might just get a special surprise in the mail one day, who knows. ;-)

  • Katie

    Happy Birthday girl! Hope it was amazing!!

    • Kristina

      Thanks so much!

  • Rachel Mahant

    Happy late birthday!! I love anything makeup related LOL but I turn the big 21 this October 16th!! Eekkkkk. I’ll be in nursing school so hopefully I can manage some fun hahaha:)

    • Kristina

      Thank you! And very future happy birthday!

  • Lisa S.

    So glad you had a Happy Birthday! I love the style and color of your hair. Where do you have your hair done? I am in Houston too and looking for a new stylist.

    • Kristina

      Thanks! I have my hair done at Sensia Japanese Salon! I used to go to Michael Kemper before it sold. :(

  • MandyREverson

    Happy late birthday!!

  • lisacng @

    And it’s nice that the people who gave you the presents can see how much you love the presents (and them too, of course). Happy birthday!

    • Kristina

      I didn’t think of that, you’re right! Thank you!

  • Robyn Sabatella

    Happy 30th birthday!!! I loved seeing your presents. On August 23rd I’ll be turning 29…last of my twenties! The key holder is such a great idea Great way to protect your purse but even better for helping find the keys!

    • Kristina

      Thank you Robyn!

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    Happy bday!

    • Kristina

      Thank you!!

  • Raquel Lynn

    Happy belated, you have some awesome people in your life who care about you : )

  • joyce chen

    i just discovered your blog this month (thanks to my hubs meeting your hubs at work and recommending the blog) and have been catching up on all your videos! i love that you’re not scripted and you just talk like we’re all best friends. haha. my not-so-exciting 26th birthday is coming up on monday june 2nd and my birthday wish list is pretty much the whole soap and glory line! keep up the awesome videos!