Birthday Haul

For my birthday this year I didn’t want any gifts or festivities – just a quiet dinner at one of my favorite special-occasion restaurants with HB, and happily that’s exactly what I got. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t buy myself a new lipstick or two…

For the list of products and where to purchase, click here, and don’t forget to subscribe to my videos (it’s free)! Thank you for all of your very sweet birthday wishes, they totally made my day! xo

  • Janey

    So exciting! Hope you had a great birthday!

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  • Natasha Fatah

    Looks like you did all right. ;)
    Happy Belated!

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Jeannee

    Belated birthday blessings, and I’m so glad you got just what you wanted!

  • the domestic fringe

    Happy Birthday! Love seeing your presents. You make the best videos…so fun.

  • Anna

    I didn`t know you could use a stylus with an iPhone. But I love all of your goods and I really want to come and check out that store!
    Happy Birthday (belated) again.

  • pattyandlo

    Omg, what is better than a new product???? They are so fun to apply

  • Kendra @ Closet Confections

    Cute video, and happy birthday! I have one of those monogram necklaces, and I LOVE it. I’m sure you will too. ;-)

  • Lisa

    i’m so glad you had a great day! i think it’s important to celebrate even if it is the midst of some craziness!

  • Jacqlyn

    i’m a big believer in the power of lipstick (a womans secret weapon!) and happy birthday to you! ~Jacqlyn

  • Jan

    Nice haul! Loved the video – you’re so fun to watch -I’m amazed that they did fit all of that in that Bride Essentials kit! Happy Birthday!

  • Holly

    Happy birthday! Do you mind me asking where that t-shirt is from? It’s rather perfect!

    • Holly

      Sorry, colour me stupid – just seen it’s F21. Thanks!

  • Katie @ Katie’s Bliss

    So cool to see another blogger make videos! I have a YouTube channel too. My username is PinkBeautyBliss!

  • Raquel

    Happy belated, new products are the way to make any girl smile : )

  • Lela

    The essential kit looks great! Love the freeze frame, as well haha :)

    Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

  • Naghmeh

    Happy belated Birthday!! hope it was as wonderful as you wished it to be :) and wow you’ve got a good haul here! can’t wait to hear a review on these after you’ve used them :)

  • Lori

    I am so sad that I got rid of my name plate from back in the day – time to order a new one! Thanks for all of your fantastic picks, I totally want to splurge on that lipstick…

  • sophie

    Love this post! Nothing like a girly shop :) X

  • Meagan

    I’ve got to say – I’m skeptical about videos from bloggers, but I enjoyed yours! I loved seeing everything you got – it’s fun seeing the Bauble Bar stuff “in person.” I have been dying to get my hands on the gold monogram necklace, but I love the pink one now too! You have to update on what you think about the foundation – I’ve been eyeing it at Nordstrom but I’m such a baby when it comes to switching up skin stuff (even if what I’m using is terrible!). Happy Birthday – I can’t wait to see wedding posts!!

  • Hyacinthe

    Hi ! I’m French and I must say you pronounced “L’occitane” perfectly !
    Nice haul !

    • Kristina

      Oh yay! You just made my day :)