DIY Glitter Ankle Boots

I am constantly inspired by the things around me, and the wonderful things on the blogosphere. As soon as I spotted these stunning glittery ankle boots on Andrea Linett during a photo shoot for a blogger, I knew I had to have them. After a bit of research, I found them. And then my heart sank because there was no way I was paying $595 for a pair of boots.

My spirits lifted as I realized I could DIY my own pair! I researched some more and discovered that this pair of boots is probably one of the most DIY'ed items in the fashion blog world in recent months. Everyone loves them! There are some amazing results out there and I couldn't have done it without reading their experiences first (check out the links at the bottom of this post).

A few months went by, and I forgot all about it. Until inspiration hit again, and this time, I was determined to do it right. Instead of scouring thrift shops or hunting down bargain bins, I went for the jackpot. I wanted a pair that looked exactly like it -- not just any ol' pair of booties would do. And then I came across these babies, and I knew I had found my muse. I quickly purchased them, visited my local Michael's (craft store) and took a deep breath.

I've included the instructions in two images so that you can save or Pin them to your Pinterest to refer to later (pinterest button below each). For links to the specific products used, scroll down to the bottom.

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I really couldn't be happier with the overall finished product. Keep in mind that I went into this willing to shell out $160 on a pair of boots solely because they looked so similar--and they are Sam Edelmans, one of my absolute favorite shoe brands, so I knew they'd be high quality and comfortable. And, man...they are comfortable. They feel like wearing a sock, if that tells you anything. I will probably buy another pair in the future in another color, I love them that much. So excited to wear these with skinny jeans!!

What do you think?

Products used: Aleene's Jewel-It glue, Mod Podge (Gloss), Sam Edelman suede boots, Martha Stewart fine glitter in Florentine Gold, Creatology loose gold glitter paillettes (not available online, sorry), Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive  (to fix down peeling edges)

Sealing is super important, or you'll trail glitter everywhere like fairy poop

Overall thoughts: I'm super happy that I used Aleene's Jewel-It glue, the stuff is amazing--thinner than Mod Podge but way stronger. I could have waited and ordered Aleene's Leather & Suede glue, but didn't have the patience. Sealing is super important, or you'll trail glitter everywhere like fairy poop. I am also glad I had the Fabri-Tac on-hand, because after peeling the tape off at the end, some of the Mod Podge lifted up a little at the edges, but a dot of the permanent adhesive solved that problem instantly. Overall, I'd do it all again the same way if I had to! Super fun and satisfying too!

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