TrendsKristina B.

Trend Alert: Eggplant Evening Bags

TrendsKristina B.

When you think of New Year's, you think of parties. And when you think of parties, you think of shiny, slinky fabric, or perhaps a bit of sparkle, and definitely head-turning elegance. I bring you my style forecast (accessories edition) for New Year's 2009-2010: eggplant (purple) evening bags. Gorgeous, unexpected colors that go with virtually everything (don't knock it 'til you've tried it), and virtually guaranteed to give you a unique look that says, "Hey, I've got style, and it didn't come pre-ordered from the page of a catalogue."

J. Crew Satin Limelight Clutch, $78

Inge Christopher bag, $120

Shira Leah bag, $42

Lulu Townsend clutch, $29.95

Inge Christopher bag, $178

I cannot even begin to tell you how good any of the above would look with a black -- or even a silver -- minidress! Pair them with some black metallic bangles and bold dangly earrings and you're ready for a night on the town.

Sigh...I love pretty things. They make me happy.