Filofax v. Erin Condren: Who Wins Out?

Filofax v. Erin Condren: Who Wins Out?
filofax vs. erin condren

Hey y'all! Today I'm back with two exciting announcements. The first is that PSS has a brand new look -- thanks to a sleepless Saturday night! I've been wanting to overhaul the look of PSS for a while now (it's needed one for about two years now but I hadn't found the time). I'm so thrilled with how it turned out--please take a look around and get to know the new site! Secondly, it's Filofax video day!

I get requests on the daily from you guys for a Filofax organization video, as well as a video comparison between Filofax and Erin Condren. Today, I'm sharing both of those with you in one fell swoop. I hope you enjoy--make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel if you're not--I post about 2-3 videos a week on average!

So the story behind how I got into Filofax: it started with the Kate Spade Debra Wellesley zip planner, which I stumbled upon somehow (maybe an instagram photo?) and snapped one up from my local Kate Spade outlet store. (They're only sold in outlet stores, mind you.) I fell in love with the portability, the high-class feel, the binder system, and the endless amounts of creativity that a pair of creamy week-on-two-pages call for. So. Much. Washi.

After falling head over heels in love with my new planner, I began researching the Filofax community, since the Kate Spade planner pages are modeled after (and fit perfectly) the personal sized Filofax organizer. So then came the pink fluoro original Filofax. Then the yellow, thanks to a lovely German Filofax-enthusiast. Then the nude patent original——as seen in the video. It all spiraled downhill from there. Now, six planners later (two of which are A5 sized for home organization planning)...I can say that I am at a happy place with my Filofax collection.

I trade out my binders all the time--it just depends on my mood, and I love that about Filofax. While you can now change the covers on Erin Condren life planners--the large size and coil-bound system are just two big downsides to me that I didn't know I disliked until I discovered the convenience of the Filofax organization system.

What are your thoughts on planners in general? Do you use a Filofax, Erin Condren, or other type of planner?