My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

Michael Kors Hamilton tote $298 / Guerlain Shalimar EDP $69 / YSL Arty ring in Pink size 6 $195 / Saint James Minquiers 10 top in Neige Noir $65 / Coach Madison Wallet $248

Although we all know that the holidays are more about the spirit of giving and selflessness, let's be honest. It's also a great time (or excuse) to get some of the little unnecessary things we've been coveting year-round but couldn't bring ourselves to splurge on. Whether it's your boyfriend, spouse, mom, dad, best friend...sometimes it's prudent to drop a little hint before the holidays.

Especially when you are as hard to shop for as I am.

You can blog about it (Hi Mom! Hi HB! winkwink-nudgenudge), or you can use what I use year-round, which is Wishpot. (I love love LOVE that you can make a default sort list by priority if you want to--something the Amazon wishlist service does not offer--so people can tell what you're really wanting at first glance--and what you're just merely thinking about. Since you can set the default sort order, they don't even have to be technologically inclined to see this.)

I've been a Wishpot "expert" for some time now, but mainly I am just a happy user--again, year round. Try it out and send it to your loved ones when you've wished to your heart's desire. Happy window shopping!