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Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly New Blogname!

ArticleKristina B.

Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly Welcome to the new domain! "Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly" pretty much encompasses everything about what I am drawn to.  Sparked by a recent conversation in which I was asked: How did I became so darn girly when I have such a tomboy of a mom? (Love ya, mom!) The truth is, I have no idea. At best, I guess I could thank Disney and their princesses for time-warping me into adventure after adventure. (Upon leaving the movie theater as a girl, I was the heroine of the film. Like Method-actor style. Fr-real.)  But I have always been drawn to pretty, pink, glittery things. You name it, I had it--pink cell phones, blinged out phone cases, Lisa Frank (hey, it was a long time ago). Case in point: my p+s digital camera is gold, with a pink case. 'Nuff said.

I'm sorry for the confusion with the domain name switch, but it really just works out better this way. It's easier to remember than before when you had to think about where to put the "." in :-D In addition, I will be featuring new products I come across that catch my eye, and obviously they must meet as least one of the prerequisites: be pretty, shiny, or sparkly.  Let me know what you think of this idea!  (It's also a great way to curb my impulsive shopping behavior of the past, since I will be funneling it into constructive blog articles, instead of debt!)

Some new features around the blog you may be noticing by-the-by: Polls! (yes, I want you to participate) Greeting depending on where you clicked from! (Hi, Facebook user!) A fancier Archives page. Photoblogs I love are now in my links section.

Still to come this week: the first experience in the trauma department, and the research poster competition. Gulp! :-x