BloggingKristina B.

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

BloggingKristina B.
The Meaning Behind My Blog Name
The meaning behind Pretty Shiny Sparkly

One late afternoon in November of 2009, I purchased some web hosting space, installed the default template in Wordpress, opened up the domain name registrar page....and waited for inspiration to strike.

What Would I Call Myself?

It had been less than a month since my 20 year old brother, Erik, had passed away from suicide after fighting the long fight with Bipolar Depression, and my entire life had been turned upside down. Everything had a gray cast over it. I was grieving. My family members were grieving. Friends Erik didn't even know he had were grieving. I needed something to uplift my spirits, to spirit me away in to the light.

Well, I've Always Been A Magpie...

...I thought to myself. I've always gravitated toward anything sparkly, and I had an eye for aesthetics. "Pretty Sparkly," I thought to myself, "sounds good, but isn't quite enough."

At that moment, the glint of rose gold on my new Michael Kors watch caught my eye in the last few rays of sunlight.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

I typed in the domain name quickly, internally crossing my proverbial fingers, praying that it wouldn't be taken.

Success! I had a domain name, I had a website, now what would I do with it?