Why Bloggers Are Great for Fashion PR

So I thought I'd deviate from my normal parade of sparkles and touch upon the relationship between fashion bloggers and fashion designers/publicists. I'm all for promoting fashion--as long as it's fashion I like. In fact, you're going to be seeing a great deal of wonderful fashion coming your way on PSS thanks to fabulous fashion publicists and some really cool companies that want to share things with you: the Pretty Committee. Anyhoo--I thought this video was particularly interesting (in my random video hops on YouTube). Here's all you ever wanted to know about the revolution--that is, we bloggers taking the fashion world by storm. No, we're not taking over, we're just being given the credit we deserve. And by we I mean they. Because, I've never been invited to a fashion show. *tear*

If you're involved in PR or have hired a PR firm but want to learn more about word-of-mouth marketing that takes place on blogs, youtube, and social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) then you may find my guide on Amazon helpful, called "Promote Your Product on Blogs & Social Media".

I made it because I was bored and I loved these books--they have such a fresh message and I wish more fashion houses were tuned into this brave new world of a concept.

If you like David Yurman or Tiffany & Co, you might want to head on over to the blog sale and see if you can get your hands on something.