Bloggers Do It Better: Black & White Stripes

Long-awaited. The return of Bloggers Do It Better. Learn how to participate. Link up your outfit on March 27th’s post here on Pretty Shiny Sparkly!

For the Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collections, it seemed like all the designers decided to get together and make black and white a Spring Thing. Is it just me, or does it seem like black and white just isn’t very…springy? I may stand alone, but the fact of the matter is, big bold and beautiful black & white stripes are IN for spring. I’m not talking about teeny little Breton stripes, people. I’m talking bolded, underlineditalicized stripes. Can you dig it?

BRB, gotta go raid my closet…or my nearest mall!


  1. says

    As a stripe addict I’m beyond excited that black and white are in this spring because so many of my stripes incorporate black and white! Can we submit an older post or should it be a post that we’ve done now until the 27th? By older, I mean one that was done last month.

  2. says

    Usually the link up is open for a couple of days, correct? For example, I usually have Fashion Friday and would like to link on the 29th. Will it still be open?

    • says

      Yes the linkup should be open for a few days. Keep in mind the longer you wait the further you are down on the list, in terms of exposure, if that matters to you. But yes you’re welcome to link up as long as it is open!

  3. Heather Glaeser says

    Great choice! I already had Black and White Stripes scheduled for my Fashion Post for Monday, March 25, so this will work out well for me!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style


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