Bloggers Do It Better: Maxi Skirts

#BloggersDoItBetter asked, and today it received. It received beautiful photos and amazing outfits featuring the year’s most popular hemline: the maxi skirt. Click here for the original challenge intro, here for my own entry, and here to find out more about Bloggers Do It Better! You can also grab a button here.

  • kate @ undeniable st

    Sorry Kristina! I didn't think my thumbnail worked, so I posted again and now I'm listed twice! #bloggerfail

    • Kristina

      NM – It showed up after a couple minutes. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Azu

    Love it! All you ladies look great :)

  • Mar

    I can't wait to see everyone's take on the maxi, I love this challenge! Ladies, you look beautiful! I love your inspirations! – Mar

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  • liz

    oh no! i clicked the wrong thumbnail in a moment of morning bleary! can you change it or just delete post #39 and i can re-add?

    • liz

      ah all fixed. yay!

  • Kristina

    My thumbnail didn't work either even though I went through all of the correct steps so I had to post a second time as well!

  • Cheryl parker

    Having so much fun looking at everyone's submissions! But I gotta get some work done!


  • Shelby

    everyone looks fabulous so far, can't wait to explore all the gorgeous looks!! love this idea kristina, so much fun every week!! <3shelby

  • Andrea Howe

    Such a great challenge this time! Thanks so much for rounding us all up!

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  • jean

    LOVE all these maxis. (esp. #45 – good morning, i love you too!) we don't put them on ourselves, but we have some favsies if any of you bloggers can make them your own!!



  • jean

    umm i did it too… wrong thumbnail!! can you delete #94 and i will redo?!

    • Kristina

      Sure! Just deleted it. I added a feature so that you can delete your own links (via the red X) if you mess up. Thanks Jean!

      • jean

        awesome!! thank you!! reposting now :)

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  • Virtuousstyls

    I loved this challenge especially how skirts are my friend… Thanks for creating this one..

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  • debi

    ah amazing!now some of these are really pushing me more to go out and get a maxi skirt..can't till next mum will chase me with a broom!!

  • Katy Rose

    Kristina – Loving this challenge. I posted earlier but am now back to read through the other posts. Can't wait to see how everyone rocked this look. Thanks for hosting. – Katy

    • Kristina

      Thanks so much Katy. I love your look and love that you visit everyone else's looks as well! :) Thanks love xoxo

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  • Psyched for Style

    Thank you for hosting, Kristina! This was a tough challenge since I'm so petite, but I appreciate the nudge to get outof a pencil skirt! :) Kiki

    • Kristina

      I too am petite and this challenged me to get into a longer skirt as well! :)

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  • Tanja

    Oh no,I forgot making some pictures with my great maxi skirts!I think I'm gonna uploading mine tomorrow.

    xx Tanja

    • Kristina

      No worries, Tanja! It will be here when you come back to link it up tomorrow. :)

  • Sophie – Country gir

    I love looking through to see how everyone else wore their maxis. So many fab looks! Another great challenge :D

  • Millpop

    Heya, I am still kinda new to blogger but i think that this is a amazing idea. It has been so fun to do and browsing through the entries has been great. Good Work !! (#111),

  • Joey

    Oh, shucks! I completely forgot there's a deadline. Oh well, still have looking through the look. So many good coordinates!

  • Rachelle

    Everyone did so well, all different but very pretty. I love my new skirt.

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  • Shante

    Although I didn't participate due to my lack of maxi, I do love following…I even added you're button to my page.

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  • Larita

    I used my maxi, hope you guys like it!!!



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  • debi

    i can't believe i am still trying to figure out a way to enter in this..

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  • Laura

    I can't belive I still haven't bagged myself a Maxi!!!!

    They're absolutely divine, it's just that,being a teenager, I have a budget :(


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  • Julia

    I am unable to link my picture of my maxi. Can anyone help ?!

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  • Kari.

    Yikes … my submission has my name and not my website … can you change that for me?

  • Shasie

    So many entries! I really loved all of them!


    Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway

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  • Paulina

    hi!!! i'm new in your blog but i really love it. When is your next challenge???… I can't wait…


    • Kristina

      Wednesday! It's the "Arm Party"…

  • Rene Braun

    Check my blog too! There are couple of maxi skirt looks! :)

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