Bloggers Do It Better: Maxi Skirts

#BloggersDoItBetter asked, and today it received. It received beautiful photos and amazing outfits featuring the year’s most popular hemline: the maxi skirt. Click here for the original challenge intro, here for my own entry, and here to find out more about Bloggers Do It Better! You can also grab a button here.


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    oh no! i clicked the wrong thumbnail in a moment of morning bleary! can you change it or just delete post #39 and i can re-add?

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    ah amazing!now some of these are really pushing me more to go out and get a maxi skirt..can't till next mum will chase me with a broom!!

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    Kristina – Loving this challenge. I posted earlier but am now back to read through the other posts. Can't wait to see how everyone rocked this look. Thanks for hosting. – Katy

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    Heya, I am still kinda new to blogger but i think that this is a amazing idea. It has been so fun to do and browsing through the entries has been great. Good Work !! (#111),

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    Oh, shucks! I completely forgot there's a deadline. Oh well, still have looking through the look. So many good coordinates!

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    I can't belive I still haven't bagged myself a Maxi!!!!

    They're absolutely divine, it's just that,being a teenager, I have a budget :(



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