Bloggers Do It Better: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! This month the challenge was RED and red you are indeed. Red cheeks flushed from the wintery cold, or perhaps the love of a significant other. Either way, red can be an intimidating color for most people to wear, fashion-wise. But there’s never a better excuse to wear it than February – the month of love and when those of us are dying to brighten up the winter’s gloom with a pop of color. Without further ado, I give you the tenth rendition of Bloggers Do It Better. Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies, and check below for a very exciting announcement (me without makeup!). ♥

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Getting ready tonight?

Check out my Youtube channel for a makeup tutorial that is Valentine’s date ready to make your man’s heart go flutter. It’s my first full-on makeup tutorial, and you get to see me with unbrushed hair and no makeup. Cool beans.

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    I love your red skirt and those heels are amazing! I just linked mine up too. I hope you will give us another colour challenge for bloggers do it better. I found this great fun.

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    Great idea for a post, I love social fashion! I did my take on vday today, but it was more blush-inspired…..I am definitely going to be rocking the red and pink trend at some point soon though. xoDW

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    Thank you for setting this initiative up. Wonderful that you are giving space to other bloggers trying to break in. This being my first participation I entered it with my name rather than the name of my blog but there you have it (my name is unpronounceable in these parts anyway). All the best to you! Danina

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    I adore your blog and am so excited to be joining in on this link-up for the first time! I’ve already made it to a few of the sites to check out their blogs + looks…can’t wait to visit more!
    XO – Marion

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    Love your red skirt mixed with the black & white gingham for this challenge! I have a red maxi that I’m still trying to figure out how to wear, so I love your inspiration here!


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