Bloggers Do Oxblood Better

Bloggers, it’s time to share your interpretation of this fall’s incredibly popular trend: the wine-slash-burgundy-slash-maroon color that the fashion industry has dubbed, rather frighteningly, “Oxblood”. As daunting as the color may seem, I have found it to be incredibly wearable, and amazingly versatile. Without this challenge, I would have honestly never thought I could like this color–but I do. Very much so. Add your outfit posts below!!

Bloggers Do Oxblood Better Link Up


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    What’s interesting to me, as I get older, is how trends recycle and come back again (oftentimes just a little bit different – sometimes, tho, not) — oxblood was a very popular color especially in the crocheting and knitting circles, back in the 70s — I remember seeing it in my mother’s publications (as well as her yarn!). You’ve linked 42 bloggers w/ oxblood -good job!

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    I think this has been my favorite linkup thus far… I dont think this color can look wrong on any fashionista, Ive clicked through quite a few already!


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