Blue Steel

Any given weekend, when I’m running errands and try not to look sloppy, I will throw on a long shirt, my trusty Pixie pants, maybe a bracelet or two, and these workhorse flats. They’re not the most fashionable (I mean…they’re Aerosoles) but they’re so comfortable for flats, with a lot of cushion, which makes walking around large stores or malls pain-free. If I’m not carrying my beloved Chanel purse around, I’m carrying my work bag. A “What’s In My Work Bag?” video was one of my most highly requested videos, and I’m happy to say that I filmed it for you guys! Posted it yesterday, so if you missed it, I hope you’ll check it out.

Also, I’m wearing gold accessories and my Chanel purse has silver hardware. Just in case you were thinking it, let me show you how much I care:

Blue Steel Blue tunic shirt and black jcrew pixie pants Chanel bag

Blue Steel Blue tunic shirt and black jcrew pixie pants Chanel bag


  1. Kodi Jensen says

    I’d say those shoes are pretty adorable for comfortable flats! When I’m going to be doing a lot of walking I just can’t get myself to care toooo much about my shoes. That being said, I will never wear tennies and jeans or leggings unless I’m running to the grocery store straight from the gym!
    grey et al

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