Bloggers Do It Better: Wool Coats


It was Autumn 2009 when my love of camel-colored wool coats began. The affair ignited when Zara debuted a gorgeous, slimming, buttonless, slash-pocketed beauty that absolutely had to be mine. I added it to my shopping cart, but couldn’t pull the trigger. The price was too high for an impulse buy. I waited weeks, determined to buy it if the desire remained. It did, but it dawned on me that it would be the perfect gift for my husband (then-boyfriend) to purchase for me that Christmas, since I’m notoriously hard to shop for and tend to already own anything I needed. But alas, the coat and I would never be one, as it had sold out online and in stores by the time my well-meaning future spouse shopped around. I was crushed, but I was certain it would come back the next year. When it didn’t, I trolled endless other online shops, for years, hoping to find the right one. In one idle moment of desperation, I wondered fleetingly if Blair would sell me hers off her back, but thankfully that moment of temporary insanity lasted a mere millisecond.Read & Comment →

Bloggers Do B&W Stripes Better

This is Bloggers Do It Better. Unfamiliar? Catch up here!

Are you ready for a dizzying conglomeration of black and white stripes? Fashion world, prepare yourselves, because this is how bloggers do black and white stripes better! Nobody was more amazed than I when the Spring/Summer ’13 collections churned out endless amounts of the monochromatic pattern formerly reserved for inmates. I have always had a fondness for stripes, often pulling on a Breton-striped shirt and jeans and calling it a day. But this season was different. We saw bold, thick, statement-making swashes of black and white. There’s nothing delicate about this trend. And if loving the indelicate is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Click below to see the full link-up of bloggers wearing Spring’s hottest trend!

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New BDIB Challenge! Mint + Coral

I asked, and ye have spoken: the vast majority of you wanted “mint + coral” to be the next Bloggers Do It Better challenge – and I couldn’t agree more! What a fresh way to welcome the official start of summer (June 20th, by the way). If you’ve never participated in a Bloggers Do It Better challenge, you’ll need to make sure you read the requirements for participating, here, and implement the badge in your sidebar on your blog. Then, there will be a major link-up post here on June 20th at midnight CDT where you will be able to link to your mint + coral outfit post using a super cute thumbnail of your choosing!

Easy peasy, coral-squeezie. See you June 20th!

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