St. Patrick’s Day Treat Cups


I found these amazing parfait-like kid-friendly treat cups on Pinterest, and, being the kid that I am, I couldn’t help myself. I had to make them. I made sure to document the whole process so you could see how easy it is to recreate! I cannot take credit for the idea as I found this on Pinterest (linked here) so make sure you check out that Pin — I think her cups were a better choice! I will say that I am super impressed I was able to find all of the ingredients for this cute little snack at my local drugstore. Never had to set foot in the grocery store. (And as someone who is mildly aversive to grocery stores and their monstrous selection, this was fantastic.)Read & Comment →

DIY Beauty Elixir

Hey guys! I’m back with something fun and creative for you to try today. If you’re a fan of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir – a luscious tonic water filled with essential oil goodness that simultaneously calms your mind and wakens your skin–yeah, that beauty elixir…well I have good news. You can make your very own version, and customize it to suit your skin’s individual needs! Simply watch the video above and follow the instructions below (which you can print, pin, whatever tickles you) and happy mixing!

Today’s comment question is: What is your favorite smell in the whole wide world? Mine is probably the smell of butter and sugar cooking on the stove. I also love bergamot, amber, and iris.

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DIY Glitter Ankle Boots

I am constantly inspired by the things around me, and the wonderful things on the blogosphere. As soon as I spotted these stunning glittery ankle boots on Andrea Linett during a photo shoot for a blogger, I knew I had to have them. After a bit of research, I found them. And then my heart sank because there was no way I was paying $595 for a pair of boots.

My spirits lifted as I realized I could DIY my own pair! I researched some more and discovered that this pair of boots is probably one of the most DIY’ed items in the fashion blog world in recent months. Everyone loves them! There are some amazing results out there and I couldn’t have done it without reading their experiences first (check out the links at the bottom of this post).

A few months went by, and I forgot all about it. Until inspiration hit again, and this time, I was determined to do it right. Instead of scouring thrift shops or hunting down bargain bins, I went for the jackpot. I wanted a pair that looked exactly like it — not just any ol’ pair of booties would do. And then I came across these babies, and I knew I had found my muse. I quickly purchased them, visited my local Michael’s (craft store) and took a deep breath.Read & Comment →

Accidentally In Love: Lavender Streaks

In case you are not a Twitterer, let me introduce you to the course of events this Sunday…


So here’s the background story. I am a natural blonde. As a kid, I had white-blonde hair. That has always stayed pretty much blonde, but it has darked in areas over time to a more ashy blonde. I get highlights/lowlights for dimension every six weeks – and I love my colorist. She’s phenomenal with blondes. Amazing. If you’re a Houstonian, I can give you her name and number.

Anyway. I have little time these days. What with studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam and fashion blogging, I have very little time to drive to the other side of town every six weeks to spend most of the day on my hair.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands – I wanted to quit with the highlights and go for an all-over, summery, beachy white blonde (like I was born with). Enter: drugstore blonding kit. It was $14.99 and worth every penny.

Loreal Superior Preference Dream Blonde in Glistening Magnolia (11, the lightest shade)

I loved it! Here’s a good before picture from one of my outfit posts

BEFORE: multidimensional tones (highlights/lowlights) created over months/years

Super easy to apply, and 30-45 minutes (total prep + application time) later I had this result:

AFTER: overall blonde, but slightly too buttery warm for what I wanted

Slightly too buttery-yellow blonde, though it was acceptably light enough for me, considering I had years worth of expensive highlights/lowlights – I think it handled the multi-dimensional color differences pretty darn well.

I’m lucky enough to live a few blocks away from a Sally Beauty Supply, so after doing a bit of YouTube research, I learned that a toner (to tone down the inevitable “brassy” tones that come with blonding) was just what I needed. It sounded scary (mix toner + 20-volume developer? I guess I can do it!) but watching others do it on YouTube allayed my fears.

The purple/violet counteracts yellow tones, so prepare to be amazed (aren’t you glad I’m not afraid to make myself look like a total fool on my blog?)…

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A DIY Office Makeover (Accessories & Mirror)

This isn’t going to be one of those before & afters that shames you into never displaying your office on the internet. I don’t have a pretty office. I still don’t, even after this DIY project. But I did want to attempt to add a little personality and color into my otherwise boring brick of a room. Um, that’s about it for prose.

Ikea office supplies ready for priming:

Look at me all excited to spray paint and not get high on fumes:

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Mellow Yellow & Muted Grey

As promised, here is my other color scheme I’m considering (they’re both 50/50) for my master bedroom style project. If you’re clueless, feel free to familiarize yourself with the original post.

I especially gravitate toward these two colors together. I don’t know what it is. It’s the same as chocolate and pink for me. Ob-sessed.

Maybe it’s that with these two colors, you’re just meandering along peacefully with Grey, then POP! Yellow comes in to say hello and you are hooked on the vibrance. They’re like a sweet married couple. Grey tones down yellow, yellow lifts grey’s spirits. I’m not saying Grey is dreary, by any means, it happens to be my favorite color (can you believe it tops pink??).

So there you have it. Lavender & Grey vs. Grey & Yellow. Notice grey is going in there either way. Clever little bastard.

Weigh in with your thoughts, what do you think of grey & yellow together–have you used it? What do you own that is a bright yellow color? Which should I choose when I start the project this weekend?