Bare Minerals “The Top Shelf”


Ever since hearing Estée profess her love for this eyeshadow duo, I decided to finally check out Bare Minerals Ready eyeshadow duo in “The Top Shelf” in person at my local Ulta store. Immediately after swatching, I knew that it would be an easy go-to, everyday eye look for me. With one downside (which I will explain later). On to the pictures!





I absolutely love the pigmentation of these two shadows – they’re almost metallic when they swatch! But they layer so very smoothly and I will say that my only gripe about this duo is that the darker color is so shimmery – theoretically a crease color like the darker shade should be matte, not metallic, since you want to avoid reflecting light and actually recess the appearance of your socket.

On the other hand, it does give you two very nice shimmery colors, and who says the darker one has to be in the crease? Sometimes I just wash it all over my lid and use the lighter color as a  brow bone highlight.  

I’m much more interested now in checking out the other Bare Minerals Ready eyeshadows after being so pleasantly surprised with this lovely “Top Shelf” number. Bonus points for all of the shadow duos being preceded with “The”, just like my category titles on PSS!

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What’s In My Céline?


Happy Monday guys and gals! I hope you are having a great start to your week. Mine definitely looks busy, but luckily I’ve got some great content lined up for you this week, so be sure to check back every day!

Today I’m sharing with you my new baby: my Céline Luggage tote in the “Micro” size and black drummed leather. The drummed leather comes with silver hardware and the smooth leather comes with gold hardware, which I do feel looks better on black, but smooth leather scratches easily and loses its shape faster than drummed leather. (A comparison between the drummed and smooth leather can be made with the Chanel caviar vs lambskin leathers, if you’re familiar with Chanel). Although the bag is pricey, it’s by far the most well-made bag I’ve ever owned (yes, even compared to my Chanel). Nothing compares to the feeling of sturdiness and craftsmanship, in my opinion. Céline definitely has a new fan for life.

If you’d like to watch the video about my thoughts on the bag and the contents of my bag (which have actually changed quite a bit since my last video, so it won’t be as boring, I promise), or to see a photo of all the contents laid out neatly, then just click on!
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Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio

laura mercier custom artist portfolio

You have recently seen me do a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” video, but I wanted to update it to show you my latest beauty. This mouthful-of-a-product called the Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio for Home and Away (yes, that’s really what it’s called). This genius padfolio looks like an oversized iPad case, but inside it stores mesh pouches that are removable and in different sizes. All are held to the case via strong magnets, as well as a divider in the middle for your brushes and palettes. It’s like the 9 year old in me is getting all excited about organizing a new binder for the school year.Please Click To View The Full Post →

Review: Louise Young Brushes


A couple of months ago the folks from Louise Young contacted me inviting me to try a sample of their brush collection. Having drooled unceremoniously over the super jumbo massive round foundation brush (which you can see above far right) for many months prior to that, I quickly said yes. A few weeks later (they are an English brand) they were in my hands and I was ready to play. Please Click To View The Full Post →

Marc Jacobs “Goodbye Columbus” Bag

Hey guys! I wanted to share another bag review with you guys – this time it’s not Alexander Wang or Chanel or 3.1 Phillip Lim…promise! As you may well know, I’m pretty obsessed with three things: handbags, technology (cameras, cell phones, computers, gadgets), and watches. So as you can imagine I have the fair collection in each of these categories. Let me know if you’d like me to do collection videos on each category–and name which one you’d specifically like to see!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs “Goodbye Columbus” tote is a beauty – black with double zips (perhaps a tribute to the Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip?) but with a gorgeous vachetta-type leather that is the softest leather I’ve ever felt in my life. In my life. It’s perfect for professionals or students transitioning to workdom (although a bit pricey for a student’s budget). I love that it can fit and iPad (regular or mini), or even a small Macbook Air or similarly sized small computer. It fits my rather large cell phone in the pocket with no issues (I got a new phone after filming this video).

What do you guys think of this bag?

Naked 3 Palette Review & Giveaway

Hey guys and gals! Happy Monday. Today I wanted to share with you my in-depth thoughts about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, UD’s newest Naked palette release. Since the release of this palette they’ve come out with lip glosses and eye pencils to flesh out the range, but I wanted to spend time really using this palette every day for several weeks before I came back to you with a rant or a rave. I didn’t want you to think I was buying into the hype. Yes, I got one of the first ones released (thanks to a fast checkout on the Sephora mobile app). But I wanted to take my time. Now, you won’t find swatches here, because I don’t think they ever translate well to how they’ll look on the eye, or the numerous possibilities you can make with one eyeshadow. But you will hear my thoughts, if you’re interested. Click below to watch!Please Click To View The Full Post →