Chunky Knits

As fall approaches my part of the world (or rather, merely hints at it…the week is still in the 80′sF in my part of Texas) I can’t help but get excited for my favorite season of all. Fall entices me with its promise of layers (and thus, creativity), outerwear (I have a penchant for coats and jackets of all types), and above all: amazing textures. Right now I’m in loooove with chunky cable knit sweaters. This season it’s all about the asymmetric, off-shoulder look. Your chunky knit sweater should be neutral-toned (which means it goes with everything!), slightly loose-fitting, but fitted in only some areas (like the cuffs of the sleeves, or the hem).

Are you going to invest in some sweaters this fall/winter?

  1. Stella McCartney
  2. Rebecca Taylor
  3. Armani Collezioni
  4. 525 america
  5. Joie
  6. Cynthia Steffe
  7. BB Dakota

Resin Coated Denim

Resin Coated Denim Trend by Pretty Shiny Sparkly1. habitual super skinny abbey jeans $155 2. nudie thin finn dry coated jeans $179 3. guess premium power skinny in glamour $128
4. j brand coated denim legging $218 5. tag skinny jeans in resin rinse $176 6. habitual ava skinny jeans in gloss $198

I am quite literally nuts over coated denim. Am also slightly regretting my shopping spree at Forever 21 (twice) that left a sizable hole in my checkbook. But, all in all, I got WAY more clothes from F21 for the price of just one pair of any of the jeans above.

But that still doesn’t sate my lust.

What I love about resin-coated jeans are that they give the look of leather pants without the expense, the awkwardness of getting them on, or the sweating (ew). And as a girl who is not afraid to admit that given the choice I’d wear jeans every. single. day. for the rest of my life – the fact that they’re denim is quite simply: fabulous! They’re a perfect alternative to leather pants in the summer.

Here’s how I would wear resin-coated jeans: Breezy white lacy top, perhaps with cinched cuffs (the long white tassels falling from either arm – gorgeous!), white undershirt (natch), and a pair of either satin (not patent) black covered platform pumps, or some leopard wedges (Ashish for Topshop or Jeffrey Campbell Tick in Cheetah would work). Since the jeans itself should be the highlight of your ensemble, I’d go minimalist on jewelry: stud earrings, and maybe a few skinny bangles.

Editors note: Holy smokes Batman! It’s my imagination realized! I swear the top I was describing was completely imagined–until I logged onto Shop Bop. Wow. Robert Rodriguez, you read my mind.

Habitual Abbey Jeans in Vixen Black Coated Resin

My favorite from the selection above? The Habitual Abbey jeans (#1). Habitual has perfected the art of resin-coating, in my opinion, and that pair is shiny enough to stand apart from your regular pair of black jeans, but subtle enough that it doesn’t scream “Look at me and my leather pants!”. Brilliant. Gorgeous. Sexy. But the J Brand leggings in Viper are a close second.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love ‘em all!

Utility: the New Military?

Last December, I wrote a post about the military jacket trend with a few of my top picks. But after following the trends lately, and speaking with Fred Allard and Eric Daman, it’s clear that utilitarian is the new buzzword. So is it bye-bye military?

utility is the new military

Utility is softer, less angular. Fabrics are softer, like silk or linen. There are two easy ways to spot utilitarian style out from the sea of last-season military trends.

On clothing, look for pockets – cargo pockets to be more precise, but large numbers of any type of pocket will fit the bill.

Secondly, for shoes, look for lace-up detailing. Shy away from the buckles of military styling and look for looooong lace-up boots or even cute booties that lace up with ribbon.

Personally, I’m loving the softer look (you know how I applaud femininity in fashion) but I also prefer more tailored fits, which tends to go against the drapey, flowy fit of this reinterpretation of cargo. And you know how I feel about baggy pants.

  1. Marc Jacobs
  2. Lands’ End
  3. Asos
  4. Asos
  5. Stuart Weitzman
  6. Burberry

Weigh in: Is Utility a welcome relief from sharper Military? Or is it a sad little-sister off-shoot?

New outfit post soon! I am currently swamped in the middle of finals but I’ve got that itch…

Shirts That Are Dresses

Shirts that are actually dresses -

Clockwise, from top left: Diane von Furstenburg, Trovata, Giambattista Valli,
Vince, Malene Birger

I think shirt dresses are supremely cute. If you know me, you know that I am a firm believer that menswear on a woman feminizes her image even more–explaining my propensity (fetish?) for wearing only mens’ watches. Right now it’s a Stuhrling Original, if you’re curious. But I think the key to pulling off the shirt dress, which is characteristically lacking a waist (men don’t really have much of one, you see) is to cinch it with a tie, ribbon, or (my fave) a belt. Pair it with some tights or go bare-legged and crazy–just make sure they’re heels you’re wearing. Oxfords could be overkill.

There’s Something About Keys

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It's A Key Thing

Shiny, regal, secretive–what’s not to like? Seriously.

Clockwise from top left: