Since we moved into our new house I’ve been doing a whole lot of dreaming, and not a whole lot of doing. Blaming it on my crazy schedule is easy, but I’ve come to realize it’s kind of a blessing, because it forces me to really plan out the interior design of our house, and not rush into buying everything too soon.

Very many of you brought up (wisely, I might add) in comments to me that decorating a house should be a slow and enjoyable process–and I think I’ve seen the light.

Also adding a little light to my life is my longtime goal of decorating with chevron–not everywhere, mind you–I plan on adding a black and white runner in my kitchen between the counters, and possibly a muted chevron rug in the living room. I absolutely adore the print, and while I cannot add it to every room of my house, I certainly don’t see the harm in investing in a few amazing fashionable pieces, like this sequined version!


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      you are so, so right. taking your time to choose pieces takes patience, and it’s really no fun to just buy a whole whack of items from one store because you want to get it done. i have collected items over time and i love looking at different things remembering when and why i bought them! always a work in progress – have fun, kristina! x

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    Glad to see you are taking your time with the decorating process. My youngest sister just moved into her home and I had to give her the same advice. It is really hard to not want your space to feel immediately like home but you will be surprised with all the inspiration that floods in when you OWN your space and can pretty much do what you want with it. I am 4 years into my home and am still decorating. I am finally getting around to actually wanting to paint it is truly hard to commit to change when you have such a creative mind I think I change my color and design scheme everyday in my head lol. Definitely have fun compiling all the inspiration you can!!

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    Yes, Chevron is so much fun! I have played with painting some small things in chevron pattern but have not truly taken the plunge. Post if you do so we can see!

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    LOVE chevron and I think it is so fun to decorate with! I am going to be re-doing my bathroom with a beach/chevron theme (based off something I saw on Pinterest) and I can’t wait!

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    that print is so pretty! I am moving in with my boyfriend and finally getting to decorate my own apartment (well ours but you know what i mean :)) and it is really hard, but you are right that it should be done slow and the most important thing is that it should be fun for both of us :)
    Im currently hosting a giveaway on my blog would be great if you could check it out :)


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    I like that shirt! I also love that yellow and white chevron chair. I do love the chevron look, but what I love even more is houndstooth.

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    Decorating takes time… sometimes the proper pieces just aren’t found until later. I moved into a new place in January & just last week I finished a couple of rooms & am loving the results. It took time for the design ideas to come to me & it also took pacing my budget to be able to afford what I wanted.

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    I was wonder how you make the picture collages like this one and the ones with pieces of an outfit? I also ordered the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation you talked about in one of your videos. I LOVE it, but the top doesn’t screw on so it doesn’t close…I was wondering if yours did the same?

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    I been the same thing.. my hubby and I have been looking at buying our 1st home and the only thing i been thinkin bout is planning out the furniture and i really wanna add some fashion to the decor :)

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    yes!!! congrats on the new home!

    My husband and I just purchased our first home as well in November and then finally went to closing and moved in in April (new construction). I have been OBSESSED with everything chevron and ikat!!! SOOO many possibilities and ways to make it work in and throughout the home!!

    Happy decorating girl and congrats again on the new home and marriage.


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