Chunky Knits

As fall approaches my part of the world (or rather, merely hints at it…the week is still in the 80’sF in my part of Texas) I can’t help but get excited for my favorite season of all. Fall entices me with its promise of layers (and thus, creativity), outerwear (I have a penchant for coats and jackets of all types), and above all: amazing textures. Right now I’m in loooove with chunky cable knit sweaters. This season it’s all about the asymmetric, off-shoulder look. Your chunky knit sweater should be neutral-toned (which means it goes with everything!), slightly loose-fitting, but fitted in only some areas (like the cuffs of the sleeves, or the hem).

Are you going to invest in some sweaters this fall/winter?

  1. Stella McCartney
  2. Rebecca Taylor
  3. Armani Collezioni
  4. 525 america
  5. Joie
  6. Cynthia Steffe
  7. BB Dakota
  • Christy

    I love #3 and #7 the most! It is in the 80s here in New Orleans so sweaters are merely wishful thinking at this point.

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  • Still blonde after a

    Like sweatshirts, these styles just make busty girls like me look like a whale. Won't be wearing these styles!

    • Kristina

      I would pair any of these styles with a belt around the waist if you're on the busty side!

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  • Sara

    you betcha!! i beat you prior to seeing your post here and got so excited that you wrote about it!! i have two (not really sweaters, more like thin shirts) tops from express that resemble the shape of rebecca taylor sweater, one in black one in maroon, the former in long sleeves and the latter in short. i am in love with both!! hehehehehe

  • Olya Nikol

    Oh how much I love it… especially numbers 2, 3 and 6……. ~

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  • Alicia

    i LOVE chunky knit sweaters for this fall and especially love the cropped look!

  • Rachael

    I am such a sucker for oversized sweaters. They are so comfy and usually come in the softest of fabrics. Great picks! Love #4 and #7

  • Tessa

    Fall is in full swing here in Oregon and the only thing I want to wear is chunky knits and boots! I love all these knits you picked out.

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  • Whitney

    I am from Texas too (Houston specifically) and I am dying for Autumn to arrive so that I can wear my fall wear. Love these oversized sweaters! So warm and comfy!

  • genevieve, sandbox r

    Eeee! I'm totally crushing on these fabulous picks, especially the first one!

  • Ana Maria

    This is my first time saying hi, been reading for a few months! So.. hi! :) anyway i love your style, i actually bought something recently inspired by you! and this post prompted me to write b/c i just have to know: what is that ADORABLE font?! random question, right? anyway, thanks for your blog, i love it! and yes i subscribed (finally!)

  • Ana Maria

    after much looking i found it :)

  • daisymay

    Number 2 and 3 are cute! I have invested (although not expensively) in some new jumpers, and have fingers crossed for some cashmere this christmas.
    Daisy Dayz

  • poet

    I'm slowly making friends with chunky sweaters again… I love the comfort but I had to wear them to high school in the mid-nineties as an awkward and still growing teenager (my family was on a tight tight budget and I was wearing my mom's old clothes – which I still do, only now it's by choice), so I'm a bit traumatized with respect to oversized sweaters… :)

  • Ashe Mischief

    I wish there were a way to combine chunky sweaters and chunky women, so that they were slim and flattering! If that makes any sense….

    Mostly I'm just crying because I want to wear #3 and it'd be SO unflattering on me!

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