Your emails make me laugh, cry, and occasionally projectile-snort Dr. Pepper (blogging is a full-contact sport). Unfortunately the volume of emails I get every day makes it nearly impossible to respond to each and every one of you–a fact that I truly regret.

Please read this first (to save you the trouble): I do not sell text links on my site. I am not joining new affiliate programs. I do not allow unsolicited guest posts. I welcome most offers for beauty products to review. Thank you for understanding! Sorry to sound a bit like this lady!

You may also get in touch with my agents at The Digital Brand Architects by emailing them here. Or reach them at the following address:

The Digital Brand Architects represents Pretty Shiny Sparkly
Digital Brand Architects
133 W. 19th Street, Suite 5A
New York, NY 10011
(212) 366-4566