Getting to Glowy

After a tweet I sent out saying I had discovered a great foundation routine for getting glowy, many of you asked what my secret was to attaining said glowy skin with makeup (since I don’t have naturally glowy skin–and in fact, most people don’t, unless you live in a rainforest, bathe in retinols, and eat antioxidants all day).

Products Mentioned

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum $60 click to buy
MAC Strobe Liquid $30 click to buy
Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer $30 click to buy
CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup $45 click to buy
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle $28 click to buy

What I’m Wearing

Nails: Essie “Devil’s Advocate” $8 click to buy
Cargo jacket: Zara (old)
Cross necklace: QVC Epiphany Diamonique petite cross pendant $54 click to buy

P.S. If you live in Texas (or, more specifically, inhabit an area around Austin) I will be there this weekend, March 9-11 for the Texas Style Council and SXSW, where I’ll be doing some speaking and conducting some meetings! Hope to see you at the Texas Style Council!
Click here to watch the video if you’re mobile browsing.

  • Anna

    This is a wonderful tutorial, I really like the slightly dewy look. I would probably personally not used the Skinfinish by Mac all over my face, but in certain areas.
    The trick you explained was also great, because it never struck me that people are watching that triangle area of your face. I mean, it makes perfect sense, I just didn`t really know.
    I think this is also a very healthy look and that`s what I like!
    Thank you for sharing your “secrets”!

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    This made me revive my MAC love – I need to go by their counter, it’s been a while. I wish you would’ve shown us how you apply it on your face but I know what you mean about not being comfortable – I’ve never even done a video on my blog!
    You look beautiful! xo

    PS: Gave you a shout.

    PPS: You forgot to link to your morning cleanser in the ‘products used’ section.

  • Natasha Fatah

    Hooray MAC! A Canadian company!

    • erin

      it’s owned by estee lauder now, actually :)

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  • pattyandlo

    Great tips! Unfortunately for me, my skin likes to get dewy on its own, or more accurately, shiny! Another beauty battle to overcome. I don’t know if you have tried it, but something else that I found that really perks up the skin under the eye (while we are on the topic of skin!) is the Clarisonic that is made specifically for under the eye – its pricey but so worth it! It is this tiny little vibrating doodad that pulsates under the eye! I really feel like I am blasting away furture wrinkles!!! xoDevon

  • Samantha Green

    ooo, i currently use the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser but haven’t tried her primer and will definitely be giving it a try after watching this video. i’m new to your blog and i LOVE it :) xx

  • Grace Cuddy

    Kristina, this is great! Thanks so much for sharing – your skin really does look fantastic!

  • erin

    phenom tip about blending foundation from the inside out and using the clarisonic serums at night which allows you to get the most benefit while sleeping and recovering.! it’s worthwhile mentioning that the mineralize really does not photograph well… like you mentioned, on camera, you can end up looking greasy. for textured skin, it’s also not your friend, since it will highlight that texture (as with any “shimmer” or “pearl finish” product).

    my faaaave primer is dr. brandt’s ‘pores no more’ – does just what it says which is a little too rare these days ;)

  • Amanda

    So pretty! I have a different routine for dewy skin but I have found what you said about it drawing attention away from blemishes to be so true. My skin has exploded in breakouts over the last few months but when I am able to have some glow going on I feel so much better about it! Great tips!

  • Ayantika

    great tutorial…loved it !

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  • Jennifer

    Great tips and product roundup for creating a glowy, dewy complexion. Unfortunately I don’t think I can carry this look. I have super oily skin so my skin will go from dewy to eww-y in an hour.

  • Kristin

    I love this tutorial, thank you so much for sharing your dewy skin secrets! Your skin looks really great in the video :) I’ve been looking for products like these, so I can’t wait to try out those two MAC products you shared. xoxo


  • Karen Kelly

    I just found your blog and I love it. What a great tutorial. I also love that Laura Mercier tinted foundation with SPF. I have heard so much about it and just bought it this week. It is so light but still offers some coverage.

  • Lela

    Your skin looks gorgeous. A+ on the use of Murad!

    – Lela
    (I’d love it if you took a look at my fashion blog!)

  • Lisa

    these are such great tips! as much as people play matte skin or a super bronzed look, i like a nice healthy glow with minimal makeup for everyday wear

  • Meg O.

    Gosh I just love MAC MSF… I need to check out the soft & gentle shade. You look great!

  • Ashley

    haha… I had a friend in college ask me what MY secret to dewey glowy skin was. Unfortunately, my answer was much simpler. “Oil.” I have really oily skin. Especially as they day goes along… I suppose I could’ve just said, “It’s natural!” lol

  • Tia

    Thanks for giving us a peek into your glam routine! I am all about the dewy, radiant look all year long, so this was a great post! I believe exfoliation is definitely the key for naturally glowing skin.

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