High, Dry & Haute

Staying cool is essential in this 110+ degree heat we are experiencing here in the deep South. While at work I like to wear dresses with tights and flats and an accessory or two, at home or on casual dinner dates with [houston] I like to wear outfits like this. Cool enough to get by but covered up enough to pass at our favorite local tapas & wine bar. (We are huge fans of pretty much any Pinot Noir.)

P.S. – I’m loving these tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I’ve got a pair for you to win coming up later this week. Don’t miss this one!

Thumbs up for the awkward let’s-show-them-my-shoes shot! Gotta love it. Just keepin’ it real, y’all.


  1. says

    Of course you wanna show us those shoes! They're awesome!!!! You still wear pantyhose/tights in this heat? I can't do it, I've been going bare legged! Anyway, I love that top, the print is great and makes it interesting, and it looks like a nice breezy cool combination!

  2. Lifestyled says

    I am being very careful to comb your posts this week before I head to Marble Falls (west of Austin) for vaca! Thanks for helping me get ready for the heat!

    Yeah for Houston girls!


    Faerl Marie

  3. says

    I feel ya on the heat. I can't handle much more of it! What to wear?! You seem to answer that question quite well – love the cool and casual outfit. The shoes are standouts!

  4. says

    i'm totally loving how you styled these mary janes with the trouser jeans. and gorgeous wayfarers! tortoise-shell accessories are totally coming back in style!

  5. says

    The overall outfit is fantastic, especially that eye-catching top! Your photos look absolutely beautiful, even the awkward shoe-shot. I love showing my awkward shots too because it just shows that you aren't serious all the time and you know how to have fun with yourself. I'm glad you're like that as well, even if it's come out in just about every other post you write! Hee hee

  6. says

    Loving everything up there – from the tortoise shell wayfarers & the floral printed cami to the wide legged denims & those GORGEOUS shoes – you're turned out perfectly! :)


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