How To Do Shellac & Rockstar Nails At Home

shellac rockstar nails bling holographic

Once again, thank you for the outpouring of support from you as my family and I endured through such a difficult day yesterday. I love you guys!

Since two of the most popular posts on my blog are involving shellac, I figured it was about time that I showed you how I have been doing my own Shellac nails at-home using a CND starter kit + UV lamp. I absolutely LOVE getting my nails done professionally (and recommend Ruth at Urban Oasis Houston any day, hands down), but my budget just wasn’t cutting the twice monthly $35+ manicures. So I decided to do it myself. Mind you, I’m pretty adept at painting my nails with regular polish, so if you struggle with regular polish, chances are you won’t have a great time with shellac, either, since this requires you to be pretty precise at where you lay down the gel in certain steps.

I’ve outlined the entire tutorial for you in the video above, AND I’ve included a tutorial on how to do ROCKSTAR (i.e. completely luxurious, 100% glittery shellac nails) within the same video! Also, here is the starter kit I purchased from Amazon, and here is the UV nail lamp I use. Have fun!

  • Laurel Haswell

    How do you find this holds up compared to a shellac manicure without the glitter layer? I love gel manicures but have found that deviating from the standard steps results in peeling and chipping earlier. What do you think?

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Not much experience compared to the dozens and dozens of regular shellac’s I’ve done on myself, but they have usually lasted as long if not longer for me!

  • GlamorousMama

    Looks great! I tried doing mine as well at home, unfortunately I like getting pampered too much! Have you changed your blog design recently? if so, It looks great~


  • Brielle Pinkross

    Interesting! I’d like to try this too! Thanks!

  • Sarah K.

    I love! But I am waiting till those gel nail polishes that you don’t even need a UV light for(and already is very popular in the UK) to come to the US! Till then!

  • AishaJMM

    How hard are shellac polishes on nails? My nails are always breaking and I worry the long-lasting polishes will weaken my nails even more. Any suggestions?

  • Rank & Style

    Loving the nail polish tutorial! You make it look so easy and sparkles never get old. Check out some great fall nail colors on that we think you’ll absolutely love.

  • Dusty

    Fabulous thank you. I’ve painted my nails for years with normal varnish and just invested in my shellac kit. I can do my nails lovely but wasnt sure how to do glitter. Thank you for such a straightforward demonstration.

  • Ahad Ammar

    For anyone out there try to soak ur hand in acetone remove shellac is wrong. To much soaking will make ur nail break n weak. Shellac is great the only thing make ur nail thin is the tech n urself. No experience tech will buff out the shellac thats will thin out ur nail bed. First take a file rough the top coat of the shellac. Then foil the nail with acetone n cotton ball. Leave it for 8min get woodstick push it out if som part is not remove rough it with a file n foil fir another 3min. If you leave the foil tight enough for 10min ur shellac will come out without any problem. This post described pros and cons of shellac nail polish very nicely. Thanks