I Want To Swim In A Sea of Macarons

pink macarons

yellow macaron and rose

pink macarons and cake

pastel macarons

Now I know this is a deviation from my normally fashion-centered posts (like this one), but I just had to have a PSS macarons post. They’re pronounced like macaroni without the “i”, and are composed of only four ingredients: egg whites, powdered sugar, ground almonds, and granulated sugar. I’ve been dying to try one and the truth is I have no idea where to get them. Do they have macarons in Texas? Beats me.

But they’re just so…pastel, and pink, and puffy.

It makes me want to squeeze one! And then eat one.

Or three.

Have you ever had a macaron? Have you ever made macarons?


  1. says

    I just made my first two sets of macarons (ever) in my life this month! I posted them on my blog. They still need work though, they definitely don’t look like the ones in these pictures haha! They are still SOO delicious though!!

  2. says

    Believe it or not I have never made them but I have a recipe I’ve been wanting to try. I believe SOMEONE’S birthday is coming up soon so I just might have to test out that recipe!! i hear they are super tough to make though. I prefer regular old macaroons with coconut, a jewish girl’s fav!

  3. says

    No she means macarons, as the ones pictured! They are devine! Had them in Paris and they are all that everyone says and more. There’s a gal on Etsy that makes/sells them…lemme find her….

  4. Valerie H. says

    Oprah has a brand that she’s crazy about and she’s featured them in her magazine. These look like “the ones.” YUM!

  5. Erika says

    I made them! They weren't super hard, but messy and took a while. And it turns out I don't like how they taste. But it's a preference thing! My roommate loved them and ate them all since I didn't like them.

  6. says

    Ha, I can't believe I missed this post (in my defense, it was right before I went out of the country so I was kind of spazzing about packing)!

    I looooooove macarons and am lucky enough to have an awesome French bakery near my house that makes them in all kinds of yummy flavors.

    The owner told me that he tried every possible way to get the ground almonds just right but in the end it was the most expensive method that yielded the best results: he buys the almonds, has them shipped to France to be ground, and then ships them back to the U.S. He says that was the only way to get the perfect texture.

    I second tartelette's recipe for anyone who wants to try making them though! Some places will overnight them to you:

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