Independent Fashion Bloggers Interview

The lovely Ashley of Dramatis Personae interviewed me a few weeks ago about Bloggers Do It Better. Click here to read the interview and be sure to check out the other interviews given by Kendi, Katy, & Feminist Fashion Bloggers!

Also big thanks to Roséline of {this is glamorous} and Paloma of La Dolce Vita (& High Gloss Magazine) for featuring my colorblocking outfit on their blogs!

  • Azu
  • Ilana

    I loved that interview it was fantastic heaps of great pointers for new bloggers such as myself!

    XX Ilana

  • debi

    i actually found that interview while googling BDIB when it just got posted ..i commented there 1st! *childlike glee*!!

  • TheUnique28

    I never heard of BDIB, now it looks cool and it's something for bloggers to do to keep themselves and their readers interested, great interview!

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  • Rachel Tatem

    You did a great job in the interview!

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  • foodfasinandflow

    Great Interview! Very very helpful.

    I gave you a blog award and tagged you in a post:

  • Sara

    Loved your responses, girl!! You surely did show that Scott Schuman!! I noticed someone commented (on his blog) that all these "fashion bloggers" are just girls complaining about their lives with nothing better to do …. what narrow minded thinking!! Fashion blogging is truly a way for a person to express themselves with creativity and in a country where we practice the freedom of speech, what other better place to show this than via blogging?? If you don't like it, then don't read it ….. no need to hate.

  • Jasmine Sinclair

    I just read your interview! It has totally given me a new inspiration to start working on my blog again!!! I have been away for almost 2 months!!! IFB is a great tool because without it I would have never known about you!!! You've shown me that it is possible to work and blog!!! I have been trying to figure out how to be fully dedicated to my blog and my job….Thank You!! I get it now!!!!!



  • Miss Coco J


  • Wendy

    Congrats on the interview, it was fun to read. I love your blog. It is beautiful and inspiring to know that you have done so much yourself over the past year or so. Again, congrats on your recognition, you deserve it!

    • Kristina

      thank you wendy for your sweet comment, i appreciate it very much! rome wasn't built in a day, and certainly not this blog, but i believe if you put your mind to it and not just hope, but KNOW that you will be successful, your chances of success are that much greater! i'm a firm believer in that method. thanks again!

  • Shasie

    Great interview! I love IFB


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