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Also, in recent news (esp since a handful of you have requested–nay, demanded–wedding planning updates…

I found my rehearsal dinner dress! (You may have already seen this if you follow me on Instagram.) I knew I wanted to wear white or a semblance of white and the lovely Nikki at Tootsies picked this out for me, and I promptly fell in love. My favorite is the back, and second favorite are the defined shoulders cap sleeves. Heavenly! I looked it up online and it’s the Jagger Dress by Black Halo (in white, obviously). Yay! We also picked out my mother’s dress for the wedding (it’s a Nicole Miller).


  1. says

    I love Tootsie’s. The old store was awesome. I bet the new store is all kinds of pretty.
    I really like the back of the dress. It’s just a hint of sexiness with the lace.

  2. says

    That dress is gorgeous! I know I had so much fun wedding planning (when it came to dress shopping, managing the guest lists, not so much! LOL)

    I cannot wait for volume 2! It’s going to be awesome!

  3. says

    already said it on twitter and will say it again, this dress is so gorgeous!! love the unexpected back detailing :)
    and can’t wait to read the second part of successful fashion blogging!

  4. says

    I DID see your dress on Instagram and immediately started to gasp… it is stunning and you look drop dead gorgeous! :) How exciting to have your rehearsal dinner dress picked out :)

    P.S. Love the new design of pink sparkles/glitter for your labels on the right side (not sure what they are called, which shows my knowledge of websites ;) haha)

  5. Chaz says

    Beautiful dress! It’s ladylike and modern, but most importantly bridal! You look fabulous in it.
    I also really like your mom’s dress, it’s extremely flattering on her, and what a nice color. BTW, love your mom’s watch! :)

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    Kristina !?!?!…. You are such a tease !! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT for the 2nd edition of Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging. I printed the original and use it as a manual. It has made my project so much easier than fumbling in the dark !! lol I can’t wait to experience the gems you share with us !!

    And as you ALREADY know …. Your dress is FABULOUS !! I love the slight nod to vintage yet appropriately sexy with the lace back

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    You look absolutely stunning in that dress! I wore a fun white dress to my rehearsal dinner as well. I think it’s fun to dress in white the whole weekend.. you’re only a bride once after all! x

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    You’re absolutely gorgeous! I am actually in love with this dress, it is so beautiful – the back of it is just so unique and lovely!
    You have a wonderful blog, really a great read!


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