Just Bought That

april fools rainbow dress worst dressed

Starlite mated with Mr. Snuffleupagus? Just bought that.

april fools worst fashion post yellow fringed dress

This delightful yellow-fringe-winged number? Just bought that.

atrocious lace sheer mens shirt april fools

This amazeballs sheer lace cover-up “slash” mosquito net? Just bought that.

pregnant kim kardashian style outfit april fools

Just bought that…for Kim Kardashian. (And maybe also for Kate Middleton, if she behaves.)

Photos via theberry.com

If you haven’t already noticed by the end of this post….


Click below for some of my past April Fools day pranks:

A New Direction For PSS (2012)
Style Icon: Kristen Stewart (2011)

What are some of YOUR favorite red-carpet fashion mistakes? Tweet them with the hashtag #justboughtthat and let’s all join in the grimacing!


  1. Raven Locks says

    HAHAHA! I fell for it!! At first I really thought you bought the first one. And then I was like…no way…this has to be a joke. I read through all of them and then I saw that it really was a joke. I also just looked through your previous April Fools pranks…omg…you are hilarious. “Ugly Dull & Dark”? LMAO!!

    Happy April! And thanks for the many laughs :)

    xo Azu

    • says

      Aw thanks so much for the sweet words! I try to liven it up a little…fashion bloggers can tend to be a little bit stiff. ;-) Check out the bloopers in a lot of my videos, you might find them humorous :)

  2. says

    Haha ;) This is another cute one! The first dress is goooorgeous though, it would look phenomenal with your… uhm… eye color? ;) Happy April Fools!

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