Keep Calm & Sparkle On

I just wanted to pop in on this lovely Friday and say hi, hope you have a lovely weekend, and now that I’m (today) officially done with the hardest part of medical school (the first 3 years), my schedule is about to get a looooot better! Which means…more time for blog posting!

[houston] and I will be taking outfit shots before dinner tonight, and this weekend I plan on catching up with friends and family, and doing a little last-minute shopping, because…

I’m going to Hollywood! On Monday I will jet off to Los Angeles for a week of sun-filled fun (and a few meetings). So if you’re in the Los Angeles area (I’ll actually be staying in Topanga Canyon) and want to meet up, please let me know in the comments!

Posting will continue as per usual–you’ll probably get sick of me, if anything. Happy Friday!

In case you’ve been wondering, when I haven’t been studying or blogging in the past two weeks, I’ve been doing this:

Photo credits: Pretty Shiny Sparkly (yes, I made this myself, so please credit with a link if you tumble/pin it! thanks!!)


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    YAY LA! I don't know what your plans are or how long you're staying, but it'd be cool to see you. I think you may be getting together with Kelsi, but let's keep in touch!



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    you are going to hollywood!!wow!!!

    it's one of my dreams to actually work on the sets of a hollywood film..

    i dream of LA NY with eyes wide open

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    Ha! You're coming to my neighborhood! The Topanga mall has a great 2 story H&M. I'm doing a shopping day in Malibu Wednesday with my girl friend (kiddo in tow) if you want to join!

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    Yay it sounds like you have a bunch of great stuff in the works Kristina! Good luck at your meetings next week.

    And I don't blame you at ALL for ogling that gorgeous ring of yours!!! Happy weekend :)

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    Well, Topanga Canyon is a little far from me, but if you're going down to Hollywood to do all the tourist-y things, I'd love to meet up!

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    HAHAHAHAHAH. That video was just tooo funny. I love your wit!

    Have fun on your vaca. I keep imagining that I will see you on the Doctor's one day.

    My daughter introduced me to the Keep calm and Carry on campaign. According to her (not sure if its true), it was to be a campaign in the UK for WWII but never came to fruition. Apparently some bookstore owners, found it inside of some books or boxes and then brought it to light making a fortune. True Story? Who knows? But she and all her girlfrineds have the story and are sticking to it. You should make a Tshirt out of yours.

    Have a great week. The Chief Blonde!

    P.S. When is the next outfit post?

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    Hahahaha! this video is too funny, if I had a ring like yours I would probably be doing the same thing! Congrats on finishing the hardest part of the med school; I'm looking forward to more posts from you :)


    Fashion Fractions

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    Hahaha the movie só reminds me of myself! Not that I have an engagement ring yet, but others that sparkle will do as well haha. Congrats that you finished the first 2 years and have fun in Hollywood!

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    Kristina! Congratulations on your engagement and finishing the 3rd year of medical school! (I totally did the looking at the ring at every angle to see it sparkle thing when I got engaged too!) So many life changing things happening at once for you! Enjoy it! (My brother is finishing his anesthesia residency! Yay for those accomplishments, right!) I just recently found your blog, and it is truly amazing! Thanks for all the tips and I joined the BDIB movement! Looking forward to the next assignment!

    Have a wonderful and super fabulous time in Hollywood! xo, sam

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    First off congrats on everything: finishing the school part, the trip part, and the engagement! Second, I tip my hat to your fiancee because he did an AWESOME job on the ring…that's quite a stunner! It's absolutely beautiful.

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    Hollywood! How exciting! I have plans to travel there @ the end of July! Can't wait to hear about your travels!

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    haha, cute! My aunt told me grocery stores have the best light for sparkly rings.. I used to steer the cart with my left hand while staring at my ring. Constantly for the first, oh, let's say, year :)

    Have fun in Hollywood!!

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    I don't know how you get anything done. I'd be staring at that ring all day everyday! Hope you enjoy LA! Thanks also for your Blogging Guide It's been a huge help. I'm about to do a overhaul and a move to wordpress.

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    Kristina! I love how PSS shows up as a mobile site now when I look through your posts thru twitter on my iPhone!

    Now that I just moved from Houston this weekend it's an amazing feat that I never saw you when I was still there, I think your ring must have it's own gravitational pull! :)


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