Malibu Red

Dress- H&M | Belt- Forever 21 | Bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim | Necklace- House of Harlow 1960 | Tights- J.Crew (similar) | Shoes- Forever 21 | Bracelets- Urban Outfitters, Windsor, French Connection UK

I’ve been having such a great time driving my 2013 Chevy Malibu. It’s hotrod red and has so many cool gadgets inside that I don’t even know where to begin. Want to check the latest fuel prices nearby? No problem. Movie times? Easy. Pandora? Choose your station. It’s so freaking high-tech that it severely appears to this geek-in-girls-clothing. The only thing I am finding difficult is the fact that I will have to hand the keys back over to Chevrolet. Sad face.

This dress mirrors the beautiful red of my Malibu — and even more so, I realized while composing this post that the outfit itself completely represents the Chevy Malibu woman: one who is a smart shopper (most of my outfit is Forever 21 or H&M) but knows when and where she wants to splurge (namely, my new 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel). I find that I always tend to mix high and low. I don’t believe in spending big bucks on basics that are made well for less cost. But when it comes to investment pieces, I find myself okay with the higher price tag. Are you the same way?

I can’t wait to share my Malibu-inspired upcoming video I made! You can find out more about Chevrolet on Facebook and Twitter.

This post was sponsored by Chevrolet and the all-new 2013 Malibu. I’m a total car geek and technology buff, and have subscribed to Car & Driver since I was 14 years old. I jumped at this opportunity because of the amazing synergy it brings between car lovers and fashionistas. All opinions are my own.


    • says

      The malibu was AMAZING. Put it this way, it was so intelligent, that when you had your iPhone connected via bluetooth, it would *lower the speed of the AC fan* when you placed or received a call, so that you could hear the person on the line. SO SMART!!!

  1. says

    I love a good pair of polka dot tights! This is a fantastic outfit and you look awesome! (And I’m secretly plotting a way to come and bag-nap that ah.may.zing. bag)

  2. Chris says

    I usually keep my email window minimized so that I can still see other parts of my screen and flip back and forth to my current project easier, so when I first saw your outfit it was a pretty small picture. When I got here to your full post, it honestly took my breath away! LOVE your dress, your dotted tights, your chunky black heels, your accessories, that bag… yup, love the whole shebang!

    Thanks as well for your review on the new Malibu! Sounds mighty tempting!

  3. says

    You look stunning in that red dress! The unlikely combination of the black tights and the brown purse actually offset it in a perfect balance. Love the entire outfit:)


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