Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Holidays from Kristina & HB!

Wishing you the very best this Christmas and New Year, from Norway! We hope you are enjoying the posts from our amazing guest bloggers!

Even though it’s not Thanksgiving, I want to say how truly thankful I am for my boyfriend. He really is the one who makes this blog possible. I place the camera in his trusty hands and he snaps away at my outfits day in and day out. He waits patiently as I pull hair from my face or out of my lipgloss, ignores my stubborn, annoying questions like “Did you get a head-to-toe? Did you get a details shot?” and, most importantly, he does it because he knows how important it is to me and how much it makes me happy.

Thank you HB. You are the best Christmas present I’ve ever had, three years running.

P.S. He took these pics with me even though he was 100% sick with the flu. Yes, I kissed him anyway. I can’t help myself!! He’s just so cute.

P.P.S… my pink sparkly Santa hat? I thought it was only fitting.

P.P.P.S. Added some Norway pics to my Facebook page!

  • Jennifer

    Cute pic! I hope he feels better, Merry Christmas!

    • Kristina

      Thanks Jennifer!! He's all better now!

  • Sara

    Merry Christmas honey!! Glad to hear you're having a wonderful time in Norway~~~

  • Jess Kay Designs

    Merry Christmas! Very cute, festive pictures… Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas Kristina!! Hope you two are having an amazing time in Norway!

  • Katie

    Adorable! Merry Christmas!

  • j.ashley

    Just found your blog on the blog frog. Your blog is amazing!,

    I am a fashion blogger as well-

  • Meera

    Those pictures are so cute! I love your Santa hat. <3
    Please check out/follow my blog. I love yours!


  • Terri

    Ah, I'm just so pleased you foud a way to get there! Hope the photographer gets to feeling better soon.

  • Charlie, Feminine Br

    So cute! ^^ My boyfriend takes all my hptos, too, and I couldn't be more grateful :)

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  • Lynn

    Yay! Now we all know what the infamous HB looks like! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I hope HB is feeling better! Safe travels back home!

    Mother Nature dropped almost 5 feet of snow here in NJ – snowpacolipse! That probably doesn't seem like much compared to Norway, but for us New Jerseyans (?) we've been going crazy with cabin fever – finally today, the state of emergency has been lifted!