Mix Master

Shirt- J.Crew | Camisole- Forever 21 | Python print jeans- H&M (similar) | Shoes- Nine West via DSW | Bag- Mulberry Alexa c/o Luisa Via Roma | Arm candy- vintage rolex, Avon bracelets, Michael Kors buckle bracelet

When I was young my local mall had an arcade area with a whirling ride that lacked in safety but made up for it in fun–it was called the Mix Master. Today’s outfit feels a little bit like that ride–testing the waters, perhaps receiving a dubious look or two on elevators, but hey, it’s all in the name of fashion. Can’t win ’em all. I feel like my thunder thighs and cankles are center stage here, but I decided to post this anyway to keep it real–we all have hits and misses and our bodies aren’t perfect!

I’m absolutely loving my latest nail polish color, it’s China Glaze’s “Surfin’ for Boys” and it’s a neon neon orange with subtle hints of pink to it–it’s so hard to describe you’ll just have to see it in person for yourself. To tie in the orange nails, I added an orange belt and kept the shoes simple with nude pumps. My latest arm candy is dominated by my Avon bracelets. They’re so easy to stack!

Big thanks to my sister Annika (@annikamed on Instagram) for taking these photos!

  • http://fashionfractions.com/ Neris

    i would have never thought to pair gingham shirt with leopard pants but totally digging this look! i need to try it myself soon :)


    Fashion Fractions

  • http://www.lindsayliving.com Lindsay

    Love the look, my dear! Those are some seriously fun pants. Bravo!

  • http://notesonlifestylebygeorgina.com Georgina

    Love when bloggers come up with a new way to mix prints, so refreshing :)

  • http://Fromsakstosalvation.blogspot.com FromSaks2Salvation

    Great mixed pairing especially with the red belt to tie it all together. Also, that bag is seriously to.die.for. Brava!

  • http://www.pennypincherfashion.com Penny Pincher Fashion

    Love the bag and the mix of prints – not sure I would be this brave, but you are definitely rocking it!

  • http://laidbackdays.blogspot.ca/ Macey

    I love love love those python pants, they look great with the gingham! Such an expected combo but it totally works!


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiOUi3Vo0_k Jay

      Sorry. I have to agree with some of the other commentors. You are pretty but boy do those patterns clash!

  • http://coffeebeansandbobbypins.blogspot.com/ amy

    Great risk pairing the patterns, I think it looks great! I really enjoy your blog. My fiancee is in medical school, so I understand how busy you must be trying to balance everything! You keep rockin it girl!


  • http://coffeebeansandbobbypins.blogspot.com/ amy

    Great look lady! I love the daring look, you pull it off great! I love your blog and can appreciate how hard you work to balance everything with residency, a new marriage and PSS! My fiancee is in medical school so I understand how time consuming it can be and I really respect you for it! Beautiful!

  • Kelly McKinney

    You inspire me to take more risks, what a cute look on you. Also, Sephora thanks you for your inspiration as well, I’ve been newly reinvigorated by your make-up posts.

  • http://www.thestylishhousewife.com jenn~the stylish housewife

    ok so i have like every color of gingham print shirt EXCEPT black & white! thinking i need one now! so cute!

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  • http://chicblackchick.tumblr.com Monica

    Never thought I’d see the day when one could wear python print pants and a gingham checkered shirt! :) Way cool! I would have probably just worn a plain cream colored shirt though, with bright orange shoes to still get that craycray element there. (oh, and your bag is real cute too)

  • http://reasonstoprocrastinate.blogspot.com Asilia

    That nail color is perfect. Orange is a color that can just brighten up your day. And the outfit just works. I usuallt stick to stripes and florals, but this outfit is encouraging me to try something a bit more daring.

  • http://www.embracingtherealme.com/ Carsedra

    I really like this pattern mix here, not sure I could pull this off, but you did very well!!

  • http://www.highheelstosneakers.com Jessica Broyles

    Cute look! I would have never thought to put that top with those pants!


  • http://glamslamblog.com Glam Slam!

    I neve would have thought to mix these two prints together, but they work together so fabulously! I think it was a great idea to add a bright orange belt to the ensemble to tie in your nail color! I have been wanting to brave it and mix some prints like this together – no time like the present, right? Great, great look! :)

  • http://www.lelalondon.com Lela

    You look lovely! Those trousers are hot :)

    Enter to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!

    • http://www.primefashion.com.pk prime fashion

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  • http://keepcalmandcarrylipstick.blogspot.com Sarah

    Love those pants, such a fun print! :)

  • Lynn

    You probably won’t print this comment (which is fine) so I’ll tell you this little secret: when people stare at our outfits, generally there’s a reason they do so. Sometimes we need to take a second look. You always look so beutifully put-together….but this combination doesn’t do anything for you. Honestly. :-)

    • http://prettyshinysparkly.com Kristina

      On the contrary I welcome everyone’s opinion! Thank you for the constructive criticism – we can’t win ’em all and I agree this isn’t my most flattering look. But hey, we’re not perfect, right?

  • http://Pinksole.wordpress.com Rachelle

    I’m in love with these pants.

  • http://www.theaveragegirlsguide.com alyson

    We are both mix masters today! Though I definitely went way safer. This is such a fun look, but not sure I quite yet have the guts for this. PS: Can I borrow your bag? :)

  • http://www.besttrendz.com/ Lauren (BestTrendz)

    I like all the mix of colors- black, nude & orange

  • John

    She is looking elegance and awesome.The outfit is so fantastic and is looking fabulous.Love your blog.Have a great regards ..


  • http://www.hautechildinthecity.com Chelsea

    Kudos for taking a risk! I definitely think that it works, but I could never pull it off!

  • http://www.runwaychef.com Alyssa

    Good work on taking a risk with this outfit…I’m stil not brave enough to mix prints!

  • http://www.horsesandheels.com Raquel

    Well done, I would’ve been scared to try this but it works for you!

  • http://jeansandateacup.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    Love the print mixing! I recently saw a pair of snakeskin shorts I wanted to get but they weren’t my size :-( Wishing they had fit so I could recreate this outfit!

  • http://www.forthefashion.com mraaron


    I love your blog. You should continue. Anyways, I was wondering if it would be okay for you to link me to your blog. I hope you’d consider. We have a fashion site you can visit.  http://www.forthefashion.com

  • http://www.redtagchiclosangeles.com Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

    Wow…..someone’s looking so gorgeous today! Love how you put it all together Kristina!


  • http://fashionbeautyinsight.biz Gabrielle

    I was shying away from pairing floral denim with checkered shirt. You have inspired me to give it a go. Those python pants are ridiculously cool.

  • http://thestatestreetedit.com Jessica

    I have always had a serious aversion to wearing a bold print like snake skin on my pants (it would look good on others, but not me!) – but this post has definitely got me rethinking that! I love how you mixed the patterns here and made such a fun trend feel wearable!

  • http://www.katiesbliss.com Katie @ Katie’s Bliss

    Love mixing prints! You pull off the trend well :)

  • http://www.dorcousa.com/for-women/ Kaycee Cortez


    I think this is great! Who cares about those lookers at the elevator! It’s a brave, bold look and if one is not confident, then the outfit can’t be pulled out.

    (stopping by from Dorco USA – http://www.dorcousa.com/for-women)

  • http://www.openmindfashion.com Josie

    I’m with Saks2Salvation–I think it’s the red belt that really makes this work–great photos, fun inspiration!

  • http://pinktistic.blogspot.com/ Anh

    A really cute look I Like it !!


  • http://tinyredshoes.com Jessica

    Im loving the pants.. You look lovely.

    stay fab,


  • http://www.abitofsass.blogspot.com Chelsea

    Cute mixing of patterns!

  • http://www.ftiaxnokallyntika.gr perfumes

    it is lovely . i like it very much

  • Chaz

    This isn’t my favorite outfit you’ve ever worn, but you do look beautiful and I love the risks you’ve taken here. Oh, and you’re on crack if you’re worried about “cankles and thunder thighs.” You look great! :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oobCQiuQ9HM Jane

    That’s a interesting matching outfit. I think it will look equally awesome with a white gucci bag. :) I will have to experiment it for myself. It will be a refreshing look for my boyfriend to experience. haha.

  • http://monismix.blogspot.com Monica

    OMG! I love how you put this look together. I never would have thought of this mix. So cool and creative. Really like your blog btw (newest follower!). :)


  • Jenny

    Oery but this is a definite miss. None of it works together for me, or you! You’re much better designed for a classic look.

  • http://www.girlbythelake.com Megan

    You look beautiful in these pictures! So glad you posted. I’ve been a huge fan of mixing prints lately, so please consider this post straight-up inspiration!

    (also, we all have things about our bodies that we hate…thanks for posting regardless!)

  • http://www.infinityshoes.com/ InfinityShoes

    This outfit is so fun! The mix-and-match style comes together very nicely – especially with the understated yet beautiful nude heels! A great nude pump option for an outfit like this is the Miz Mooz Women’s Wesley Open-Toe Pump. The peak-a-boo style works perfectly with the nude color!