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As time goes by I tend to notice habits or “personal trends”, if you will, within myself. I will notice that I tend to wear certain items together, even they may or may not have any relation to one another. Lately I’m loving wearing my new claw bracelet from ASOS with my claw ring from Original, I know.

I also find myself wearing my snake ring from Modcloth with my Marc Jacobs Bianca clutch from Shopbop. Maybe it’s the warm tones?

Two new purchases that came in the same shipment as my claw bracelet are the adorable rose toned star ring and pale beige quilted bag, both from ASOS. Love these together!

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    I LOVE the Marc Jacobs clutch – I've been dying to get it….perhaps it should be my birthday present to myself? Haha – cute combos!!

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    I'm still swooning over the Bianca clutch in my eyes everything goes with it.

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    I find myself doing that too. I think it has something to do with the mood I associate with each accessory (they all tell a story) so the ones I pair together usually have similar feelings to me. I'm I totally weird?!

    I love that wrapped snake bracelet – very powerful.


    Lauren from ChickAdvisor

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    Oops…also meant to tell you that your blog looks great…very clean. I think the right/left rail changes were a great choice. And thanks for including me on your shortlist of style bloggers. So flattered!


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