Off Duty

Jacket: Zara (old–seen here and here) | Alpaca stole: gift from friend | Shirt: target | Necklace: Forever 21 (old) | Jeans: Hudson | Watch: Michael Kors Lexington Trilogy | Rose Gold Bracelets: Windsor & Topshop | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (seen here)

I titled this post “Off Duty” because it really seems appropriate – I had a rare day off – night shifts in the ER are brutal and it was nice to be out in the world during the day, wearing normal clothes. The air is getting crisper (or as I like to say, crispier) and with it comes my favorite aspect of fall: layering! It’s so much fun to add item upon item…in fact, it’s the secret to how I get dressed most mornings–just grab and go.

I’m absolutely dying over my new Michael Kors three-tone watch (featured here)…it has silver (my fave) with bits of rose gold and yellow gold tones running through it. Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t fret about mixing metals…never have to change my watch to match my jewelry again, yay!

Be sure to scroll through the images for a blooper and possibly an animated image….




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What do you love best about fall?


  1. followmarlaslife says

    Omg, the train. I couldn’t stop laughing. You look so cute in this. Anyone that works in the ER rocks!

  2. says

    Ha…you’re adorable! Love the watch too. And the bright lippie. I know these days have been really long for you, so I hope they are at least interesting as you get settled into your career!


    • says

      Thanks V. The days have been long and hard and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hate the emergency room…so much trauma (and you probably know how I feel about that) I’m literally just getting through it and keeping my head down and hoping this month passes by fast. Blerg.

  3. cait & val says

    LOL this post is amazing!!!!! the picture of you & then the video!!! LOVE.

    plus you look amazing. the red lips & the layered fur stole . . . . obsessing!!

    xo. c & v

    cake & valley

  4. says

    Love the blooper pic, we all have one! But I really love the new watch!! I thought I wanted the all rose gold one but I like idea of the mixed metal one so I can mix and match with my other accessories. I started following you recently and really enjoy your posts! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  5. fyun says

    Haha the “omg there’s a train coming” GIF just cracked me up! Glad you got to come outside of the building and smell some fresh air :)

  6. Catherine Papasakelariou says

    Great post! Residency is brutal and I admire you for keeping up with posts. How many months of ERIC do you have?

  7. scunningham says

    Love your posts, bloopers and all. I can only imagine what it’s like to balance life with residency. Here’s to hoping it gets more manageable. xo

  8. Ani says

    The blooper pics they are so much fun. Love your casual outfit yet the fur gives it a more chic touch with the red lips, stands out so nicely with the yellow shirt.
    you have a new follwer from german via Bloglovi. I hope your residency passes by very quickly :-)


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