Our Wedding

Medhus_Braly_Wedding-032smOur wedding day was absolutely magical. It was the best day of my life–I had never spent an entire day surrounded by people I love, celebrating my husband’s and my love for each other. Absolutely magical. I am so thankful to our parents, our friends, and our families for making such an amazing day possible (and for an extremely romantic honeymoon in Paris). Our wedding was featured today on Style Me Pretty so click over to check it out as well as find out more about our wedding theme, and see more photos from the reception! I will continue to post more photos from the day here, as well as the video, but you can see it all in one place there!










More: Style Me Pretty*
Photos: Photographers Skeen
Planner: Occasio Productions
Dress: Pronovias S/S ’12
Flowers: Plants ‘N Petals
Linens: Elegant Beginnings
Invitations: Oslo Press


  1. followmarlaslife says

    Your wedding dress is so elegant. You look angelic in these photos. What a lovely day it must have been. Wishing you only the best for the future.

  2. scunningham says

    Thank you for sharing this. I can’t explain why, but I simply love looking at other people’s wedding photos. It makes me happy to see other people so happy. Best wishes to you and your love. xo

  3. says

    you look like the swan princess! i really like the feather bust and your fresh makeup. your wedding looked magical! have a happy forever after, docs :)

  4. Natalie says

    And I just watched the video…my goodness, I was nearly in tears! Incredibly well done. If there was a detail forgotten, I’d never guess. Simply wonderful!

  5. Cynthia Meyers says

    We share the same wedding day! You looked lovely. So glad to share that day in common with you! It was the best day of my life, as it looked like it was for you!!

  6. Jessica R says

    I just noticed that your dress hanger is personalized – nice! It’s always so hard to pick “favorite” wedding pictures – wedding photographers always take so many and they always all look so good :)

  7. Mari L says

    Amazing!! You look so gorgeous!! Heard in one of your videos that you are Norwegian by heritage? I`m from Norway :) so i send you a warm hug from our beautiful (but ohhh so cold) country tonight:) So glad i “found” this blog! You are such an inspiration! 

    Klemmer fra Mari i Oslo <3

  8. MariWL says

    Love, love love it! You look so gorgeous! So i heard in one of you videos that you are Norwegian by heritage? I`m from Norway :) so i send you a warm hug from a very cold and snowy Norway;)

    Klem fra Mari i Oslo 

      • MariWL says

        off course, i love his bunad! i noticed at once;) hehe. Bunads are important to us! i have one too… From Telemark.
        Hallingdal is a beautiful place! Do you speak Norwegian? I`m so glad i found your blog! you are such an inspiration!! <3 

  9. Sara says

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the details and you looked stunning. I was wondering, and this is a really silly question, how did you mail the wooden invitations? In traditional envelopes or…? Just curious.

  10. says

    They actually were able to fit in the envelopes we chose (with Oslo Press)! They had to be hand-canceled at the post office so they wouldn’t run through the machines, but other than that yeah..just normal envelopes (albeit shiny ones..naturally) ;)

  11. Kristen says

    Fabulous!  I discovered your blog a few months ago and absolutely love it, something so cool about being able to read tips from a local.  I’m also a soon-to-be bride, so I read Style Me Pretty religiously.  I was scrolling through the SMP page and I recognized your photo!  I thought, it’s the Pretty Shiny Sparkly girl!!!!  Needless to say I poured through the post, so perfect.  Did you do your own makeup?  I would love to see a post on what products you used for your wedding day with tips and tricks.  Best wishes to you and your new husband!

  12. says

    Looks like such a wonderful, magical wedding! I’ve been following your blog since right around the time Houston proposed to you (which was so adorably shared on your blog), and to be able to follow you throughout the process has been such a great joy. Thanks for always letting your readers into your life and sharing such a beautiful day with us! Congrats to you both :)

    xox Lara http://www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  13. Monica Christina Yu says

    the my best friends takes tomorrow morning afternoon are her on are journal the big day


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