What’s In My Travel Bag

The past week has been a blurry whirlwind of traveling in airplanes (and logging over 1300 miles of driving around Texas!) which definitely holds up the theme of Travel Week here on Pretty Shiny Sparkly. I hope you’ve been enjoying the series thus far. You can check out my travel-themed posts anytime over at The Jet-Set. Click on to watch the video!Please Click To View The Full Post →

TSA Approved Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying PSS Travel Week (#psstravelweek)! Today I’m sharing my TSA-approved beauty essentials, which includes all carry-on friendly items and liquids under 3.4 fluid ounces. For a list of what you can and cannot bring with you in your carry-on and checked luggage when traveling to or within the United States, I recommend checking out this website.

Check out the rest of my PSS Travel Week series on YouTube!

My Travel Makeup Bag Essentials


HB and I are off to a sunny, hill-country-esque getaway in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of Texas Wine Country (who knew there was such a thing?) and we couldn’t be happier. Since this is the first time we’ve gone away since our cruise last September, I thought I would share with you my updated travel makeup essentials. 

When it comes to travel makeup, less is more for me. I like to use multi-purpose products (like my newest gorge acquisition, the NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla) and I definitely bring my sample sizes. This is where being a Sephora frequenter comes in handy — all of those little mini sizes in the point perks are put to good use!Please Click To View The Full Post →

First Impression: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara


For what seems like ages I’ve been hearing about the L’Oreal VoluminousĀ® miss manga mascara from overseas blogs and channels and have been super interested in trying it out. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, or what it claimed to do, but when I saw it available at my local CVS in a display stand, I grabbed the blackest black I could find and headed home to try it out. I decided to film my first impression on it for you guys and gals! I hope you enjoy!Please Click To View The Full Post →

The Lip Product Addict Tag

When it comes to beauty product addictions, there is one giant among men. Although it may seem like I’m forever buying foundations, when it comes to sheer numbers, lip products outrank them all. I guess that classifies me as a lip product addict (I prefer junkie because…well, I just like the sound of it better). Now, as a close personal friend to many people who suffer from addiction to many vices, I definitely am not trying to make light of the nature of addiction – let’s just put that out there right now!

But because this is a lighthearted blog, and you probably didn’t come here to get your daily dose of philosophical moralizing–let’s get on with the show.Please Click To View The Full Post →

Sephora Shopping Haul

I did some shopping! Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what YOUR most recent purchase is, in the comments below! I love hearing what you guys are buying, it gives me inspiration for future shopping trips!!

Happy Friday everyone.

Birthday “Haul”

I cringe at the word “Haul” as it pertains to birthdays, but seeing as this was very highly requested – I decided to put this video up. Please note that this video in no way is meant to brag or show off by any means. I’m a fully grown woman who believes that giving presents is more fun than receiving them – but by the same vein, I also love seeing what other people get for their special day. It seems you do, too! So please take this for the fun and lightheartedness that is its intent, and I hope you enjoy watching me show you what wonderful, thoughtful gifts I received for my (milestone) birthday!

Leave me a comment telling me what’s on YOUR birthday wishlist – and when your bday is! You might just get a special surprise in the mail one day, who knows. ;-)