April Favorites

This month’s favorites video is chock-full of randoms – there are flowers, pens, even a CAR in there! Cray! Down below you can shop my favorites of the month, as well as a few other favorites that I didn’t mentioned but have been staples for the past several months.

In the comments, tell me one of your very favorite beauty products you’ve been loving for the past month!

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Beauty, Food, Technology Haul

It’s shopping haul time! This time I’ve got quite the assorted mix for you lovelies. I’m ashamed to say I purchased all of the below items in one single day. My wallet was crying by the end of it, but ultimately I am happy with everything I’ve purchased (though I haven’t tried the salt toothpaste quite yet–I’m waiting for my current toothpaste to run out and then I will try this intimidating-sounding toothpaste. With trepidation.Please Click To View The Full Post →

The French Milkmaid Braid Tutorial


As you may well know, I have been highlighting my hair for the better part of a decade. I have naturally ash blonde hair which just looks dull (or worse, dirty) if it isn’t brightened up. To keep my hair at its strongest, I’m always on the lookout for advanced technology hair care products that will restore my hair. I typically take a pretty proactive approach – I don’t wait until my hair is dry and brittle, I constantly maintain it with strengthening shampoos and deep conditioners. And I always use a heat protectant. Recently I’ve discovered the new line from Neutrogena┬« and I really like it–it’s called Triple Repair and consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment that works as a heat protectant up to 400┬║F. What I really like is that this system is really nourishing and restoring, but it’s lightweight, which is perfect for my fine strands. It also claims to make hair 3x stronger after just one use. I’m all about instant gratification!


Milkmaid Braids

To celebrate my newly strong hair, I did a fun braid look that is a hybrid between french braids and milkmaid braids…so how about we call it the French Milkmaid?

  • My hair is shoulder length so after braiding the sides individually, I made a small ponytail in the center with the leftover hair.
  • I then pulled it into a tiny half bun (like you do when you’re going to exercise and don’t pull your hair all the way through the elastic).
  • I swept and pinned the braids over and under the center loop of hair.

It really looks much more complicated than it really was! (You’ll just need a lot of straight hair pins–not bobby pins.)




What do you think? I hope you like it!!

This post was brought to you by Pretty Shiny Sparkly, Refinery29, and Neutrogena!

Spring Makeup Look


Now, I’m not a makeup artist or anything, so take this for what you will (probably just a grain of salt is recommended), but I thought I would film myself during a normal weekend makeup session. Prepare yourself for my bare face (which, I just realized, I have graciously provided en force in the thumbnail of the video. Genius, Kristina). This was the first time I’ve ever tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse foundation and so far I really like it! I also repurchased my trusty Stay Matte powder in translucent (old favorite). For me spring makeup means fresh faced pink blush (usually a cream formula), a little color on the lids (usually light), and a bright pop of lip gloss. I hope you enjoy!Please Click To View The Full Post →

Brand Focus: Antipodes

Hey guys & gals! I hope you have had a great week so far! Today I wanted to share with you a brand focus video on a lesser-known brand called Antipodes. Originating from New Zealand, this eco-friendly company uses natural and organic products to formulate what I’ve found to be really nice skincare that helps the skin. And smells delicious.

Fellow Houstonians: I’d love to meet you! Come to my meet-and-greet Friday, April 18th (that’s Good Friday so you might be off work!) between 2pm and 6pm at Walmart in the Health & Beauty section located at 111 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007. There will be prizes and goodie bags as well as pampering refreshments and photo opportunities for you and your friends. I hope you can make it! When Texans do meet-and-greets, we go big or we go home. Am I right? Hope to see you there!

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Empties #1 – Products I’ve Used Up!


This is my first time ever doing an “Empties” video – also known as a video about the products I’ve used up and what I thought about them. I laughingly call these videos “What’s In My Trash?” videos because really…that’s what it is. If you were wondering, yes, I did keep a Neiman Marcus shopping bag next to the trash can in my bathroom to toss my empty products into. Yes, my husband was bewildered. It’s okay if you are too.

Let’s get on with the video! (Also, if you want to see my videos before anyone else, make sure you’re subscribed! New videos out usually every Monday, Wednesday, Friday!)Please Click To View The Full Post →

Houston Meetup April 18th!

Image 1

I hope you get as excited as I am right now because finally we can do something we’ve been wanting to do for ages — a HOUSTON meet-up! It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know many of y’all living in Houston (or heck, Texas). So much of the time I’m talking to you but rarely do we get the opportunity to meet face to face. And Dove and I are partnering up for a fabulous event with refreshments, in the style of pampering (would we have it any other way?) with prizes for everyone who comes, plus extra goodies during a live Tweet Q-&-A session! It will be so fun and I hope you can make it! The Walmart hosting it is off of I-10 in the Heights area (on Yale street) if you’re familiar. Hope you can come!!

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