Rehearsal Day Vlog + Graduation Vlog

Time to give a little update to my non-YouTube subscribers – I’ve been posting vlogs here and there and I thought I would share these with you. If you aren’t subscribed, please do! It’s free, and it just means that your Youtube homepage will show new videos from my channel! :) I hope you enjoy!

(P.S. the graduation video is more for my family and friends who don’t live in town, but if you’re curious you’re welcome to watch it and learn the Hippocratic Oath. Joy!)

P.S. I also have a Paris shopping haul uploading right now so be sure to visit my channel and subscribe to watch it! :)

Wedding Peek

What an unbelievable wedding & honeymoon we had! It went by so fast (as they all say) but I wanted to drop in and say, Hello, to all my dear lovely readers–thank you so much for the wishes of happiness, love, and luck on our special day. I will post the pictures and video when we get them back in a few weeks!

Photo by my über-talented friend Kendi!