Petite Fashion Blogs

Taking a break from the norm, I thought I would share with you one of my guiltiest pleasures: petite style blogs. As a petite person myself at a diminutive 5’2″ tall, I am regularly on the hunt for that perfect-fitting petite sized piece. And, you may be surprised to know, petite doesn’t mean you have to be size 00. All it relates to is height. That’s why you’ll find a variety of sizes for any item of clothing that comes in a petite size.

What does it mean? Armholes are higher up, hemlines are shorter, tailoring is nipped in at a higher level. Sleeves are shorter. Tops and jackets are shorter. All to reflect the shorter proportions of the petite person’s frame. Love! What do you need to qualify as petite? There’s no law out there (yet, haha) but the hard and fast rule is you are considered petite if you are 5’4″ and under. Read on to discover some of Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s favorite petite fashion blog finds.Please Click To View The Full Post →

Guest Post: MANGO Headquarters

This is a guest post written by Grit & Glamour. Grit & Glamour flew to Barcelona on behalf of Pretty Shiny Sparkly to cover the international photo shoot hosted by MNG by MANGO for jcpenney. Here’s what she experienced. Let’s try not to be jealous! Also, I’ll return to regular posting schedule soon, I’ve been interviewing back to back. — Kristina

Vahni: Touring MANGO headquarters, which is actually in an airplane hangar, was a dream come true. Being able to see fashion production behind-the-scenes, from beginning to end, was not only informative, but eye-opening. You can’t imagine how much effort goes into every single piece, every button, every zipper. It was totally fascinating to me.

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