Designer Blog Sale 2014

It’s March, which means Spring is here, and fortunately for my husband who was last seen circa Fall 2013 amidst a pile of designer handbags, it means it’s SPRING CLEANING time! I’ve decided to do a Blog Sale like this every once in a while. More than likely, this will be only an annual thing, but if you guys really like it, it may become a semi-annual thing.

You have probably recently seen these handbags on my blog, and you may be asking yourself, “Kristina, why are you giving up these handbags so soon? Don’t you love them?” To that I say, yes I do! But mommy’s deciding on either a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote or a Celine Micro Luggage Tote for her next handbag investment – and she needs the shelf space.

For the blogging equipment, I’ve got some really special stuff for you – my prized filming camera, the Panasonic Lumix G5 – which basically launched my YouTube channel and handled all of my videos up until January 2014. A powerhouse in a small frame. I also am parting with my treasured Canon Elph 520 – the teeniest little HD pocket camera you’ll ever lay eyes on. Fits in small pockets. Records HD video. Perfect for the lifestyle blogger.

Everything is as pictured, and everything is functional and in working order, of course. No duds here! I will describe and rate every item with specific attention to any scratches or scuffs an item may have, including photo documentation as such. There is no specific return policy (i.e. no buyers’ remorse returns) but everything is guaranteed to arrive in working order (for example, not DOA or “dead on arrival”) which is a standard electronics seller’s policy. Items come neatly packaged, and handbags include their dust bag and tissue paper unless specified otherwise. Cameras come with their original box, unless specified.

Click on each small image in the grid to see the individual pictures full size. (May not work on mobile!) Hurry up before what you want is gone!

STILL AVAILABLE: Alexander Wang Rose Gold Rockie (all other items below are sold out!)
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Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio

laura mercier custom artist portfolio

You have recently seen me do a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” video, but I wanted to update it to show you my latest beauty. This mouthful-of-a-product called the Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio for Home and Away (yes, that’s really what it’s called). This genius padfolio looks like an oversized iPad case, but inside it stores mesh pouches that are removable and in different sizes. All are held to the case via strong magnets, as well as a divider in the middle for your brushes and palettes. It’s like the 9 year old in me is getting all excited about organizing a new binder for the school year.Please Click To View The Full Post →

Girl Power

Hiya! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! I have some great posts lined up for next week but I recently put up this Girl Power tag (meme) video. I hope you like it and have a great weekend, y’all!

Review: Louise Young Brushes


A couple of months ago the folks from Louise Young contacted me inviting me to try a sample of their brush collection. Having drooled unceremoniously over the super jumbo massive round foundation brush (which you can see above far right) for many months prior to that, I quickly said yes. A few weeks later (they are an English brand) they were in my hands and I was ready to play. Please Click To View The Full Post →

Marc Jacobs “Goodbye Columbus” Bag

Hey guys! I wanted to share another bag review with you guys – this time it’s not Alexander Wang or Chanel or 3.1 Phillip Lim…promise! As you may well know, I’m pretty obsessed with three things: handbags, technology (cameras, cell phones, computers, gadgets), and watches. So as you can imagine I have the fair collection in each of these categories. Let me know if you’d like me to do collection videos on each category–and name which one you’d specifically like to see!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs “Goodbye Columbus” tote is a beauty – black with double zips (perhaps a tribute to the Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip?) but with a gorgeous vachetta-type leather that is the softest leather I’ve ever felt in my life. In my life. It’s perfect for professionals or students transitioning to workdom (although a bit pricey for a student’s budget). I love that it can fit and iPad (regular or mini), or even a small Macbook Air or similarly sized small computer. It fits my rather large cell phone in the pocket with no issues (I got a new phone after filming this video).

What do you guys think of this bag?