August Favorites

August Beauty Favorites 2014

Click here to view my latest YouTube video – my favorite beauty and non-beauty items for the month of August! I had a great time picking this month’s favorites for you guys – definitely a random assortment, heavier on the non-beauty faves this time around. But no fear–next month’s installment promises to be big on the beauty, as I’ve been testing some products out a little more rigorously than usual so I can be absolutely sure they’re up to standard (and they are).

Leave me a comment down below with your favorite beauty item of the past month. What have you been absolutely loving? Let’s have a discussion!


Boho for Coffee & Pastries

There’s this quaint little coffee shop in an eclectic part of town called Montrose, that has the most delicious and unique cappuccino I’ve ever tasted. HB and I got up near the crack of noon (hey, it’s a Saturday) and sat at a bistro table outside, enjoying the light breeze and streaming sunlight of aRead Post →

Shirts that are actually dresses -

Shirts That Are Dresses

Clockwise, from top left: Diane von Furstenburg, Trovata, Giambattista Valli, Vince, Malene Birger I think shirt dresses are supremely cute. If you know me, you know that I am a firm believer that menswear on a woman feminizes her image even more–explaining my propensity (fetish?) for wearing only mens’ watches. Right now it’s a StuhrlingRead Post →

Visit The Vintage Pearl!

The Vintage Pearl Giveaway

The Vintage Pearl is an amazing, lovely shop (and official PSS sponsor) that creates some beautiful jewelry. I just love that their designs are elegant yet paradoxically rustic. When they contacted me about hosting a giveaway on PSS, I just knew that the lovely Pretty Committee would appreciate the chance to win something pretty. SoRead Post →


Flirty, Fun, & Up To No Good

Read on for the outfit breakdown, and something very special.

pastel macarons

I Want To Swim In A Sea of Macarons

Now I know this is a deviation from my normally fashion-centered posts (like this one), but I just had to have a PSS macarons post. They’re pronounced like macaroni without the “i”, and are composed of only four ingredients: egg whites, powdered sugar, ground almonds, and granulated sugar. I’ve been dying to try one andRead Post →


Sequins & Leather on a Friday

Happy Friday! I felt my last outfit post was a bit androgenous – and some of you agreed with me. So, when I felt like slipping my boots on again, I decided to add some feminine sparkle. The jeans are also a lighter, silvery shade of grey compared to the dark grey pair in theRead Post →

IFB: Links à la Mode

I was featured with 19 other fashion bloggers in the Links à la Mode weekly roundup on IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers, for the unitiated). Check out the great links (mine was for the Fashionista Computer), I’ve posted the roundup in its entirety. Enjoy! Rants & Raves Edited by Ashe Mischief I was taken aback whenRead Post →


The One Where She Wore Motorcycle Boots

On my way to class to take a see-how-badly-you-fail-this-standardized-exam which will be five hours long. Five. Hours. Long. I’m going to have to pee. And then my stomach is going to growl. I just know it. But I’m happy because Shop Bop sent me these gorgeous Frye Engineer boots and today is the first dayRead Post →