Nobody Likes Cupcakes

Well now that’s just not true, is it?

Everyone loves cupcakes!

I’ve gathered some wonderful cupcake-themed items from the far corners of the web for your gustatory pleasure. Enjoy! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Here’s an adorable cupcake carrier that I would use all the time! You know. If I baked cupcakes. But I think I might know someone who would love it.

Deliciously Decorated Tin Cupcake Carrier, $36

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Business Cards…Because I Can

Pretty Shiny Sparkly is not a business. It does not sell a product. It does not (yet) go to fancy blogger conferences or meetups. Yet. So why…WHY was I compelled to mock up (and end up purchasing) the official Pretty Shiny Sparkly business card?

It may or may not have been influenced by Overnight Prints‘ 500 one-sided premium cards for free (just pay shipping) coupon code: HM500. (You’re welcome!) I ended up paying only $11.56 for my order.

Will post actual pics when I receive them!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly Business Card

If you want a business card designed for your Etsy shop or small business, I am happy to send you a quick (very affordable) quote. I’d like to see what interest I can generate in my services – who knows, I may make it a regular thing! Leave a comment letting me know what you think of my business card’s design, and also if you’re interested in a pretty card design for yourself!

5 Reasons You Should Join The Pretty Committee

But first, some announcements!

We’ve been nominated! Woohoo!

Please share and vote for your favorite blog and/or shop. Each nomination gets their own post where you can vote by either commenting and/or twittering using the widget at the bottom of each nomination.

NOTE: Nominations will end on February 20th so get them in soon! They’ll be keeping the top 5 nominations in each category for the last week of February.

You can vote for Pretty Shiny Sparkly right HERE!
Thanks for taking the time to vote!

Now, back to those 5 reasons…

5. By clicking “Follow” in the google gadget in the sidebar, you automatically add the hotness that are the Pretty Shiny Sparkly posts to your Google reader. Don’t know what Google Reader is? Check it.

4. When you “subscribe” for free email updates, you get a daily digest of PSS posts delivered straight to your inbox (free!) so you’ll never miss out on fabulous things like twitter contests, facebook fan contests, or flash giveaways. Yep, that’s right, I said flash giveaways. They’re coming soon, and they only last 24 hours. Hot.

3. Because it’s fun to say. It has a nice ring to it!

2. It makes your friends jealous. But then they google it, find PSS, and join in the fun. One big happy family. It’s all good!

1. Because you get free stuff! Starting today, if you are officially a Pretty Committee member (that is, you have followed via Google Friend Connect, Subscribe to the RSS feed, or get our posts by email) you get a free sticker! Would you like one? I’ll send one to you!

you want this dose of pretty!

Aren’t they cute? Here’s how to get one!

Send an email to kristina [at] with your name & mailing address and I’ll pop one in the mail for you!

Sweet Leaf Gold Charm Necklace Winner

We have a winner for our Sweet Leaf Gold Charm Necklace giveaway!

Congratulations Kimberly, commenter #256 who was our randomly selected winner. Thanks to Random.Org for the lovely third-party, non-biased selection tool (as always).

You’ve been contacted for further instructions.

I’d like to thank our fabulous giveaway sponsor, One Life Jewelry. She is amazingly talented, and apparently I’m not alone in this opinion because many of you purchased necklaces and jewelry for yourselves. Thank you for supporting handmade!

Follow Me Twitter Tights

This is just…awesome.

Follow Me twitter tights by Etsy shop Post

They come in all sorts of sizes and shades to match your skin tone. Check it out and buy your own pair for $23 here.

I love finding great things on Etsy. What’s the latest thing you bought from Etsy that you love? Share it in a comment!