Why Bloggers Are Great for Fashion PR

So I thought I’d deviate from my normal parade of sparkles and touch upon the relationship between fashion bloggers and fashion designers/publicists. I’m all for promoting fashion–as long as it’s fashion I like. In fact, you’re going to be seeing a great deal of wonderful fashion coming your way on PSS thanks to fabulous fashion publicists and some really cool companies that want to share things with you: the Pretty Committee. Anyhoo–I thought this video was particularly interesting (in my random video hops on YouTube). Here’s all you ever wanted to know about the revolution–that is, we bloggers taking the fashion world by storm. No, we’re not taking over, we’re just being given the credit we deserve. And by we I mean they. Because, I’ve never been invited to a fashion show. *tear*

If you’re involved in PR or have hired a PR firm but want to learn more about word-of-mouth marketing that takes place on blogs, youtube, and social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) then you may find my guide on Amazon helpful, called “Promote Your Product on Blogs & Social Media“.

I made it because I was bored and I loved these books–they have such a fresh message and I wish more fashion houses were tuned into this brave new world of a concept.

If you like David Yurman or Tiffany & Co, you might want to head on over to the blog sale and see if you can get your hands on something.

A DIY Office Makeover (Accessories & Mirror)

This isn’t going to be one of those before & afters that shames you into never displaying your office on the internet. I don’t have a pretty office. I still don’t, even after this DIY project. But I did want to attempt to add a little personality and color into my otherwise boring brick of a room. Um, that’s about it for prose.

Ikea office supplies ready for priming:

Look at me all excited to spray paint and not get high on fumes:

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Video Blog: What’s In My Purse?

You asked for it, and you got it! Here I post what’s in my gigantic purse. Please attempt to ignore any annoying mannerisms (I’ve become painfully aware of them thanks to this wondrous creation that is vlogging).

Here’s what YOU need to do: post a video response with what’s in YOUR purse right here. I promise to watch every single one of them!

If that’s not your thing, leave a comment in this entry telling me what the heck actually is in your purse. Tampons and all.

The Biggest Liar (Winner!)

Wow. You guys sure are a bunch of big fat liars.

But seriously…you had me giggling for days. I don’t know where you came up with some of this stuff. Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order):

I’m SO into PSS that I’m changing my initials to PSS.

A nice little Twilight reference…

In my quest to become pretty shiny and sparkly, I asked my friend Eddie- Eddie Cullen, to bite me so I could sparkle in the sun. He did it and, well-here we are. My best friend Jake Black was all emo over it for awhile, but he got over it. Pfft, boys. Am I right, ladies? Can I get an Amen?! I eat a lot of carrots because I’m a vegetarian vampire so my eyes are nice and shiny, and mere human jaws drop at how BEAUTIFUL I am. ;] That’s pretty much my true life story.

This one made me laugh out loud — so loud, I scared HB on the couch:

My two cats have surmounted the challenge of feline illiteracy simply so they can have the pleasure of reading Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

And this one…

As I anxiously watched Jack Bauer on “24″ try once again to make the world safe for pretty, shiny, sparkly things, I suddenly felt a great sense of calm overtake me. I knew Jack would triumph, because your website is 100% in support of his efforts. I thank you, and Jack thanks you. By the way, he wanted me to say he LOVES the earrings he won from you, and he plans to wear them next season when he takes on the ultimate source of ugly: Lady Gaga’s School of Fashion Terrorists.

Right on:

Pretty Shiny Sparkly is the only blog I ever broke up with someone over – he said it was me or PSS, and I chose PSS!

And for my all-time favorite, from Laura Hadland:

I’ve become so obsessed with Pretty Shiny Sparkly on the blog and on Twitter, that I’ve actually had a restraining order taken out on me now – I’m not allowed within 30 feet of my laptop. I’m typing this with fake fingers made out of 19 telescopic drinking straws taped together with the sticky ties off bread loaves.

Tears. Tears of laughter. You guys crack me up. We should do this again soon! I hope you all had a chance to check out Jujube’s gorgeous creations on Etsy – pick up a couple for yourself & friends if you didn’t win.

Congratulations to our lucky random winner (compiled from comment entries, facebook, and twitter followers/referrals): Kimberlee Cantwell!

Her winning entry ended up being her lie (and it was good), check it out:

I begged my hubby to get the toothpicks from the cupboard because I couldn’t close my eyes for even a second. I stare… longingly… into the depths of your blog. I wish I could swim in a pool of pretty, shiny, sparkly.

Kimberlee you will get an email from me with further instructions. Thanks to all who entered!

You make my day with your comments–on all my posts. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the latest posts:

February Favorites!

As a fun little post, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites that I used/wore in February (okay, and a little bit of March). Every item you see here I have used extensively and own. These have withstood the test of time with my extremely limited patience (I’m always out for the next new thing…so for these to be up here really says something). Enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you think, or ask questions (I’ll always answer them!).

Review: The September Issue

I’m going to spare you the background on this documentary–You’ve got Google for that. Here’s what I thought of the documentary.

First & foremost, it is that: a documentary. It’s not styled to be a “The Devil Wears Prada” replacement or reckoning; it’s literally a behind-the-scenes documentary into the making of the most important issue of the year for the most important fashion magazine in America, and arguably the world.

I would have liked more insight and personality into the cool exterior of Anna Wintour. But, I understand, that Wintour is always self-composed and absolutely never lets her guard down: especially in front of a camera. So there may very well be nothing the producer could have done about that.

I especially enjoyed comparing just how close Devil got it to the real thing. For one thing, the office layout is nearly exactly the same — except Anna’s office has far more antiques and a french country theme than the ultra-modern office “Miranda” did in Devil. But the assistant desks are lined up exactly the same.

All in all, I enjoyed watching it as I thumbed through the pages of my March Vogue. I taken aback by how much of the sheer genius of Vogue’s beauty comes from the mind of Creative Director Grace Coddington – someone I had never heard of until I saw the film. She is truly amazing. She oversees most of the shoots you see in the spreads of Vogue, and envisions everything from the outfits, models, accessories, venue, balloons (yes, balloons)…well, everything.

I highly recommend the film if you’re interested in fashion. I rented TSI from Redbox outside of my neighborhood Walgreens for $1 a night.

Anna never has to know.

10 Entertaining Pieces You Should Own

Beaker Glass Pitcher, $5.95, CB2

Large Horn Bowl, $39 West Elm

Simple Wood Stand + Tray, $148 for both, West Elm

Cora Carafe, $9.95, CB2

Hammered Entertaining Large Round Tray, $59, West Elm

Glass Domes, $29, Pottery Barn

Wire Pedestal, $9.95 (on sale), Crate & Barrel

Canyon Bowl, $24.95, CB2

Stone Salt + Pepper Shakers, $10.05 CB2

Arc Stemware, $3.95 ea CB2