Pretty Chandeliers

And now for something completely different…{ just some visual eye-candy for you, my pretties }

Vaughan Large Leaf Chandelier

Lladró Niagara Chandelier

Laslo Chandelier by Lorin Marsh

Pottery Barn: Camilla 6-Arm Chandelier, $399

Bijou Eight-Light Silver Leaf Chandelier by Elk Lighting

I’m a sucker for pretty chandeliers. Yet I’ve never in my life installed one. I would love, love, love to have a gorgeous white one hanging in our master bedroom, but I’m a hot sleeper so I absolutely must have a fan. Too bad. Unless they can come up with a chandelier that attaches to a ceiling fan and doesn’t move when it’s running, I’m out of luck. :(


  1. Jennifer Johnson-Blalock says

    I’m in the market for a chandelier! That Pottery Barn one’s pretty cute. Hmmm… Thanks for the post! (via Facebook)

  2. Sara Soyoung Park says

    Love the second one and the Pottery Barn one!!
    Hehe maybe you can discover the first fan and chandelier combo … =D

  3. says

    Just a word of caution; measure the ceiling height before deciding what you can use in the space. I often build chandeliers for clients who think they have 10′ ceilings but it’s actually only 9′. With a high ceiling you can do anything, I love making chandeliers for double height foyers for instance. “The ceiling is the limit” as they say! Never added a fan to one but no one’s asked until now……

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