Pretty Orange Peplum

Dress (sold out but similar in yellow), Shoes, Locket, Turquoise cuff (sold out) all provided by Lulu*s

The weather during the Texas Style Council in Austin this past weekend couldn’t have been worse–except when the heavens parted and the sun shone down on us in glorious, 60-degree weather, on the day of the Sunday conference. I was fortunate enough to have my travel and outfit sponsored by LuLu*s, one of my favorite destinations for super cute flirty dresses and absolutely fabulous shoes (did you get a load of these babies up close?). Big thank you to them for making it possible to speak at last weekend’s conference!

In case the meaning of the word peplum in today’s title escapes you, here is a little enlightenment.

Outfit photos by Bryan Skeen — thanks Bryan!

Tomorrow is match day — I found out on Monday that I matched (yay!) to an Anesthesiology residency program on my rank list, but tomorrow we all open up envelopes at the same time that tells us exactly where we’ll be spending the next four(+) years of our lives in training. Exciting!

To top it all off, [houston] and I have been bitten by the house hunting bug. As if we didn’t have other, very important, things to do.

  • Chelsea

    That outfit is fantastic! And the shoes are gorgeous!! Fingers are crossed for you regarding your match!

    • Kristina

      Thank you very much Chelsea! It was nerve-wracking just not knowing if I matched or not. Now that I know I did, tomorrow will be easy! :)

  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    First of all, LOVE this outfit – the color on you is so fantastic and those shoes are to die for!! I also have a friend going through the “matching” process right now, so I know all about that…such a scary/exciting time – hope you end up somewhere wonderful!

  • Anita

    first of all, i wanted to say, that this dress is really lovely! at the moment I’m trying to wear a bit more coloured things, and you are always a wonderful inspiration for me! and it’s so funny that I wore something orange yesterday too ;-)
    and then I wanted to wish you good luck for the “matching day”, this is really exciting! I hope it will go out for you like you wished!

    xxx Anita

    • Kristina

      That’s very sweet of you Anita! I would have to agree I’m not much of a wearer of orange but I was pleasantly surprised by the color! I’m sure it would help if I wasn’t so pale…and that’s me WITH sunless tanner, can you believe it…

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  • Hazel

    I absolutely love this dress, it is stunning and the colour is perfect on you. The matching process sounds fabulous too, look forward to your updates :)

  • Call me M @ DoYouSpeakGossip?

    Gorgeous peplum dress! You look great!
    Good luck for tomorrow!

    • Kristina

      Thank you for the luck, M!! :)))

  • Jamie

    I LOVE that you accessorized with turquoise!!!

  • Samantha Green

    such a pretty dress and i love those shoes :) xx

  • Kate

    This is such a cute outfit! Love the color, love the peplum, and lovvve that necklace! It’s so sweet! Congrats on matching on your rank list, and hope you’re thrilled with what is revealed to you tomorrow!!

  • pattyandlo

    Love peplum, and my fave peplum look is a dress in a solid color. There is a purple Alice and Olivia peplum I have my eye on. I like the accessories with it – and the heel of the pump is to die for!!! I have been swooing over some Sam Edelmans that have stud embellishments on the pump — what better way to jazz up a pump than heel decoration?

  • Lindsey A. Turner

    Love your dress and your shoes! Gorgeous color!

    Lindsey Turner

  • Robin

    You look gorgeous! I love this orange peplum dress! Glad you had a great time at the style counsel. I wish we had stuff like that here in Colorado!

  • Bree

    Lovely outfit!
    Congrats on your possible residency! Very exciting for you.
    I wanted to ask how you found med school? Reading through your posts I am always so impressed with how you kept such a wonderful lifestyle even with the chaos of med school – I have always heard that it can be quite a balancing act. You’re really inspiring!

  • Rachel

    This is a gorgeous dress and I absolutely love Lulus! I just posted an outfit this week with one of their color block dresses I bought recently! And I agree that Lulus shoes are also amazing, I LOVE these! So cute! I have gotten the most compliments on my open-toed bow heels that I have from there!

  • April

    Beautiful dress! I need to try out the peplum a.s.a.p! Congrats on matching! My sis is working on her psyd so I know how stressing match day can be!

  • nuha

    love this color on you! keeping my fingers crossed you get a great location to train at. you’re almost there!

    • Kristina

      It feels like an eternity to get to this point, but now that I’m here I can’t believe how fast it feels! So crazy!

  • Natasha Fatah

    Love this! It really suits you, a super feminine look for a super feminine woman. I have a bright orange peplum jacket, have a look:


  • Grace

    I love this outfit Kristina… and in Pantone’s color of the year, too! You look so pretty.

    • Kristina

      Oh my goodness grace I forgot about the tangerine 2012 color! I don’t have a lot of orange in my closet, it’s a bit of an intimidating color, but i’m actually very pleasantly surprised by the color!

      • Grace

        I so agree – very intimidating. I bought the Pantone lipstick but don’t have much orange clothing. This dress looks fantastic on you… making me think maybe I’ll have to try the color! xx

  • Chaz

    Love, love, love everything about this outfit. Dress, shoes, cuff, all killer! Such a pretty color on you too!
    Congrats on your matching! How exciting!

  • Célèste

    Good luck tomorrow! I knew you were in med school, but I didn’t realize you were planning on anesthesiology; that’s what my dad does. It’s such a precise and important art; I’m sure you will be very fulfilled. Good luck!!!

  • Helen

    Everyone seems to be wearing peplum! I want to try but I’m afraid my hips will be enlarged out of proportions!

    Congratulations on your match!


  • Lindsay{LCVintage}

    I’m obsessed with that dress! Stunning!! Good luck with matching.

  • Harshleen

    You look gorgeous and those shoes are fab!

  • Sara

    Love the dress! And the peplum trend!! Gosh it’s especially exciting for girls like me with noticeable booties so we can wear pencil-ish skirts =)

  • Tiffany

    Oooh can you video the openong of the envelopes????

    • Kristina

      I’m sure HB will video it on his iphone!!! I’ll post it if I can!! Great idea Tiffany!

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  • Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    Kristina, you outfit is stunning from the top of your longer blonde hair to the tips of your shoes. I watched your tape, and although the other ladies were pretty…you outshone them in every way! Thank your for being so generous to share your trip with us! Best wishes on the envelopes..

  • Nabila

    Beautiful dress! I recently got one very similar but it has a white top with orange bottom. Just discovered your blog and love the look. Looking forward to catching up on the posts!

  • Laura

    Love the peplum dress – this idea must have come from the brain of a woman and the shoes….spicy!

  • Naghmeh

    first of all congrats on matching your first choice!! must be such an incredible feeling to have all your hard work pay off :)
    and second that dress looks stunning on you, the colour is just so perfect!

  • alyson

    Absolutely love this! I’m not a huge fan of peplum in most cases, not flattering mid thigh, so this is the perfect placement. Gorgeous, and congrats again on UT at Houston. I have family there so we are there every so often for one celebration or another. Congrats, and enjoy house hunting!!

  • Asma

    The love the whole look! The colour is amazing and certainly one of my favourites. The shoes are lovely too. It all looks great on you! :)

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    What a pretty color on you! I love the length of that pendant and the cuff is gorg.

  • cate

    hey – lovely blog! lovely ideas – we have got some amazing new designer kaftans at

  • Sarah

    You look gorgeous is gorgeous on you! Good luck on your match, I know it can be really stressful!
    First time to your blog, but you have amazing style =)

  • Always Maylee

    I love this dress and the color is fabulous. I just found your blog and spent a good hour looking through it (oops, don’t tell my boss). I’m your newest follower and can’t wait to read more. :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  • Rya M.

    Okay, I’m officially addicted to your blog now. I can’t get my eyes off this outfit, that vibrant red dress with champagne studded pumps work so well. Looking forward to more posts ^_^

  • Chee L.

    those shoes! love them! want them! *dies* Also, congrats on your match!!!

  • Dasha

    I love that peplum top and the shoes! so chic!

    I just got this peplum jacket and I’m anxious to wear it, but don’t know how to style it. Any ideas?

  • Katie

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous outfit! The peplum is adorable, and those shoes are TO DIE FOR!

  • Dana

    Love the outfit. And those shoes, AMAZING! They’re so cool! :)

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  • Lacey Spruce

    Yay!! I love this outfit! Orange. Peplum. The heels. Perfect. Hopefully LuLu’s will restock the color?? :-/